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Hardcore and Hard Dance Music?!?!

Hi there!


I have been using spotify free for about 2 years now and think you doing a great job HOWEVER - where is the hardcore and hard dance music?!?!?!?!?!?!?


Im sure you guys can put up the annual clubland compliations at least (for exp clubland xtreme hardcore 8, 7, 5, 4 etc and the clublands as well i.e. 18, 19 etc.  But there is a serious lack of hardcore dance on spotify - a real gap in your music collection. Dj's like Kutski, Dj gammer, brisk, breeze, dougal, hixxy, darwin, fracus, steve hill - I could go on for years are missing. Hardcore series like - Hardcore Till I Die, Hardcore Underground, Hardcore Heaven, Hardcore Addiction, Raver Baby etc etc and for Hard Dance - at least have the Hard Dance Awards annual releases 2011 & 2012 releases are amazing!!!      - this website is the main community - take some ideas off here please! get some more hardcore music in! Theres plently of trance these days & there was hardly any a couple of years ago - just proves you can do it, Im sure you can do deals with some of the artists above!!!


I really do belive your missing out here, for me im looking for a reason to go premium and at the moment this is one of the reasons why im staying free. I know alot of people feel the same within the community.


If you could make this happen, I would be very gratefull!




Please have a read at the official answer respecting additional music requests here.

Status: Case Closed
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Music is made avaialble on Spotify by the publishers - so you need to badger them to make it so. Not a lot Spotify can do about it if the pub isn't willing to share.

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Status changed to: Case Closed


Please have a read at the official answer respecting additional music requests here.