Hide User Column on Non-Collaborative Playlists

This is a minor niggle of mine. 


I would like to be able to hide the "User" column on playlists which are not collaborative (or have never been collaborative) since the column will always say the same name the whole way down the playlist, and that users name will be at the top anyways! 


spotify idea.png


This is not such a problem on a widescreen computer like my laptop above, but on my desktop with its extra little 15" screen the User column just takes up unneccessary space which introduces horizontal scrolling. 


In my eyes the duplicated data is just not needed! 


Update: This should now be implemented! 😉

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Rock Star 28
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Music Fan

yeah, that's kind of redundant information 🙂

Music Fan

perhaps a more in depth approach would be to to be able to customize the columns you see in your client for each playlist. 

Casual Listener

I would ask for more control over list columns in general, specifically the ability to show, hide, or rearrange.


yes please. especially since by default it takes up more space than even the album name...

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Status changed to: Inactive Idea

Update: This should now be implemented! 😉