History - which songs have I listened to?

haven't found a "history" feature yet. I would like to see, what I have listened to. Some statistics of course would be great: what are the songs, artists, albums I have listened to most. Maybe I just didn't find it and it's already available somewhere. Where?

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In Apps. Called Last.fm. You can create Last.fm account for free and keep a good list of your listened tracks.

On your pc....you can find your history...I believe if you go to the "queue"

I just requested this as well. Did not realize others were asking for it too. Good thing, we need to be heard.

1) people hardly know it exists

2) it is reset all the time, making it useless

3) it does not have any info on when the songs were played. Check out my post too if you like.





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Another thing about the history that is posted under the queue menu is that it doesn't include your play history from other computers/devices.  I play about 65% of my music on my Android, 30% on my laptop and 5% on a iTouch and the history is only made up of my laptop use. 


Read the above comments and I agree. This is why I loved listening to iheartradio, because their history feature is pretty cool.


Here is how it should work:
All music played from all devices is recorded with play time and saved to a list which you can access also from any device.


The issue here I believe is that Spotify does not save your listen history to a persistent account and does not centralize the accounts between devices. If they can sync all your devices to one account, they can then have a page that can combine all listening history and display it. But certainly not until a centralized, synced account system happens.


Though, even adding time played to the history list for the computer account would help.


If there is a Spotify moderator wathing this, can you comment?




Pay a guy to do the programming! New Servers, if we just bought out last.fm y'all would hate me.


I did want to save that song but if it comes around again and I miss it no loss. I agree that all off the features found on PCversions of the application should be available on the other software platforms of the service. The best features of spotify are nearly instant access to full length albums, and biographies that are not found on last.fm unless I am mistaken. Anyway there's always Wikipedia & YouTube. 

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I have bee routinely annoyed when playing Spotify Radio while driving and missing a song name because I didn't distract myself by bringing up my phone and either thumbs uping it or seeing the name.


I would love to have this feature available on the phone.


This is a great idea. It would not even have to be real time. Having a most listened to last month, or "your most listened to songs of 2012" would be awesome!

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Well there is a way to count the number of songs you have listened to. If you rely on the Starred Playlist as a number one playlist or the go-to playlist on Spotify then this isn't for you. If you're willing to sacrifice your starred songs to feed your curiosity then this should work.



Then on the left side bar click the Play Queue option.

From there go to the top of Spotify and click the History tab.

Now single-click the first song.

Hold the SHIFT Key and at the same time scroll to the button of the page.

While still holding the SHIFT Key click the last song in the History list.

Now right-click the highlighted list.

Select "Star" from the right-click options.

Now go to the left side bar and click the Starred playlist under the Collection Tab.


At the top right on the playlist page (usually under the Upgrade Tab in you're a free member) there should be a number or tracks starred. 


The number you see is the number of tracks you have listened to in about a months time (not all time /:) but just starred. 


It does count songs you have listened to twice so it's accurate. I recommend deleting all of the songs of the starred list because it does show duplicates. 


Hope this helped :D

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As mentioned, there is a history in the desktop client if you use the PlayQueue tab or you could also use the last.fm app for it.

All other feature requests afterwards have already been suggested here:

Add your kudos there please - the existing kudos will be transferred soon! ;)