How back works in multi-page album lists

Here is the problem:


Let's say I am looking for a nice version of a well known classical piece, let's say Beethoven's 5th symphony. So I search for "Beethoven Symphony 5" and I get probably 30 or 40 album hits. (I am referring to Spotify Desktop for Win)


Now I want to browse through the list, preview some albums, and decide which of them I want to listen to in the entirety. So I click on album to go to the album's page, check the conductor* , listen to a short snippet, and then go back to the list to try another album.


Seems to work great, right?


But remember, there are 30 or 40 albums on the list. The album list shows only 5 albums at a time, so the list has multiple pages. If I just checked the 2rd album on the 4th page, and I click back, Spotify displays the 1st page of the list. So to get to the next album to check (the 3rd album on the 4th page) I have to click many times to get again to the 4th page. And I have to do this everytime I go back to the list!

This is clearly wrong, "back" should move me to the same page of the album list  I was on before, not to the first page!  I hope you'll fix it, as it makes some searches very tedious.


*Unfortunately the conductor is often not shown in the album list, but Spotify's inadequate tagging and search for classical music is a different issues that deserves a separate thread. Just check out this pages This is how classical music search should look like, and of course the files should be tagged in a way that supports searching this way.

This idea has already been suggested here:

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This idea has already been suggested here:

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