How to distinguish artists with the same name

This is a very old problem to say the least and I am surprised this still hasn't been fixed. I know there have been suggestions dealing with this very issue in the past (for example here), but I was not happy with the solutions presented and how they were presented.


Let's start with the facts. Right now, when you search for "Muta" (as artist) you will be directed to ONE page with multiple releases. An EP ("Runner") by an electronic producer signed at King Deluxe Records, the "Bricolage" album by the ambient electronic group of the same name from Lebanon and the new "SPLASH" album by a Japanese Hip Hop producer.


Granted, these are niche artists and this is a problem that will rarely occur with other, more frequently looked for musicians. Still this is a problem, a longlasting one and one which others have solved long before. Let's take a look:




Discogs. They have a larger database, thus a screenshot doesn't do their solution justice, but artists with the same name are simply numbered through, in what I assume is the order of "public acknowledgement". Their catalogue is mainly user-generated and user-curated, which is something Spotify apparently wants to become as well. One of their solutions to this issue was to simply write an error report and Spotify would take care of it, splitting the artist pages in their "free time". Now, while this works perfectly fine with Discogs (mainly because the users correct the error themselves), this is 1) inconvenient and 2) unreliable in the case of Spotify. Let's look at a second example:




Allmusic. The search results are further filtered by the rough musical genre the artist was known for. the span of the musician's active years is displayed as well. Allmusic is a subsidiary of Rovi, which provides them with the relevant metadata. As far as I know Rovi also partnered with Spotify, at least artist biographies are supplied by that same company.


No doubt, there is no ultimate solution and Allmusic still offers users to report errors through a special form.Let's dive into suggestions anyway, because just accepting the current state helps nobody.


1) Realize this.


2) Metadata. You say you will manually fix the problem in your free time. I ask: do you add genre, label and release date information manually as well? I doubt it. You're sitting on a mountain of data and you fail to use it. In other areas as well, may I add, but this is a different topic. There are plenty of ways to distinguish artists in the search results using the data you have. Here are two examples how the search results could look, using the knowledge we gained from Allmusic. In these cases, luckily the artist pages were already separated (this saved me a bit of mock-up work).





You see, there is no layout change needed, it's just using the resources Spotify already has. Using that data, Spotify should be able to make separate artist pages for different artists automatically.



Feedback and kudos are appreciated.

Updated: 2016-03-11


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