[Hulu] Spotify Family Plan with Hulu

Extend the Student Discount Hulu Subscription to the Family Plan. 

Updated on 2021-06-24

Hey everyone,


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We appreciate all the feedback you've given us around adding Hulu to Premium Family. We always look for ways to bring better service and deals to you, however, as it is stated in our guidelines, we cannot influence subscription, price or product changes at this point. It's for those reasons that we're marking this as 'Case Closed'. Of course should this change in the future, we will let you all know via our For the Record blog.


Thank you for your understanding!


Hello Everyone,


Judging from the age of this thread and the comments, it seems that Spotify is either not listening or does not care. 


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It’s ridiculous that Hulu can’t be included in the Spotify family plan! Makes no sense that the highest paying customers are excluded from this offer. 


Come on, Spotify! Please include the Hulu with the family plan!!!!!!


I'm sure this has been pointed out but it doesn't really make sense that I would have to downgrade my plan, pay less money, to get this Hulu deal. I just finished a chat with support and it seems that everyone can agree this is a silly issue for many users

I hope there is an update coming soon and Family Premium users can use the same benefits of all other Premium users.




AGREED. It would make sense to just give the hulu access to the master account if they're worried about multiple accounts having hulu... we should be able to have our family plan and hulu, and not have to be forced to downgrade to premium. Lame.

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This has been an issue for a while and no further comment or update from Spotify? This is a ripoff? So i need to downgrade my subscription and make my family all pay for subscriptions to have the best experience? Is that not the point of the Spotify for Family subscription? So that everyone in the family can share the best experience for a modest price increase? SPOTIFY ADDRESS THIS ISSUE!


I understand that having a family account means it's already technically a discount if it's shared with one or more people, so Spotify is not earning that $9.99 per account they otherwise would. Regardless, it is disingenuous to leave out the subscribers paying the highest amount per month with a comment of "we cannot add additional discounts to the Premium for Family account." If offering it for free is not possible under the current arrangement with Hulu, why not add it as a highly discounted add-on to the Premium for Family package for those who want it, or better yet, take the hit and offer it to all Premium subscribers.


Is there any news or updates on this since it was submitted on 2017 and I just seen an email of adding my hulu account with my spotify for 9.99$, We would like to add our family even if it is only 5 dollars extra. Right now its still the same plan of 9.99$ advertices with ads which is kind of not what we like to have. If I am already paying for a premium why do I need the ads and commercials on the other side. 

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So you update is there is no update?

I update but now get commercials and my wife cant enjoy either spotify ot hulu unless is with me!