[Hulu] Spotify Family Plan with Hulu

Status: Case Closed

Extend the Student Discount Hulu Subscription to the Family Plan. 

Updated on 2021-06-24

Hey everyone,


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We appreciate all the feedback you've given us around adding Hulu to Premium Family. We always look for ways to bring better service and deals to you, however, as it is stated in our guidelines, we cannot influence subscription, price or product changes at this point. It's for those reasons that we're marking this as 'Case Closed'. Of course should this change in the future, we will let you all know via our For the Record blog.


Thank you for your understanding!


Why is Spotify family premium still not included with the Hulu offer for Spotify premium? And if this really cannot be given to Spotify family, why is it not promoted right away that it’s only for INDIVIDUAL Spotify premium. I had to dig around to find out that I am not able to get the same deal for Hulu since I have Spotify premium for FAMILY. 


This is very deceiving and is horrible customer service in my opinion. In addition, Spotify always promotes the family account as having the SAME features as Spotify premium for individuals. Literally on their website, under my account review page, it says “As part of Premium for Family you will get all of the premium benefits but at a lower cost.” It is unacceptable to advertise FALSE information as clearly I do NOT receive ALL of the premium benefits. Either consider adding Hulu for Spotify family as well, or stop advertising that the plan is the same as Spotify premium for individuals. 


Yeah, come on - get with it. Why are you ignoring your users that spend the MOST MONEY?????


It just sucks excluding us family premium users from the Hulu deal.

After all we are family..:):)

Get your...act together spotify..!!


Yes very confusing.  Just decided to upgrade my Spotify for Family and thought Hulu was included.  Now the disappointment that it is not.  Just not sure if I will keep the family plan.  Think it should be included, seems like some sly false advertising to get you in.  


This HULU should  be applied to family accounts they are paying a premium 


I like the idea of having Hulu with the Family subscription. It would make Spotify even better!


I am currently subscribed to HULU with no ads and looking to get Spotify for the family before I ship overseas to Germany (target, MAY, 2019). Would like to see how I can combine them in order to pay one price per month. 


Can I get Hulu with Spotify premium for family?


Hey @Dami3 ,

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Unfortunately, you can't apply additional discounts/offers to a Premium for Family plan.


Hope this clears things up!


Knowing that customer feedback is important to Spotify I feel compelled to share the following comment related to Hulu being free for Premium subscribers but not Family subscribers. If I'm not mistaken, there's no difference between Premium and Family beyond the obvious price difference ($9.99/month and $14.99/month) and the ability for multiple family members to access premium data. Following that logic, why then would Hulu be free with a Premium account and not Family when, in fact, there is no difference? Aren't we still paying for premium service with a Family subscription? I'd make the logical argument here and say that given we/Family subscribers pay more per month it should follow that we get Hulu free too. Regardless of whether or not you change the current partnership and access, I'd love to hear the reasoning behind why Family subscribers don't have access to this same benefit? 

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