[Hulu] Spotify Family Plan with Hulu

Extend the Student Discount Hulu Subscription to the Family Plan. 

Updated on 2021-06-24

Hey everyone,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange. 


We appreciate all the feedback you've given us around adding Hulu to Premium Family. We always look for ways to bring better service and deals to you, however, as it is stated in our guidelines, we cannot influence subscription, price or product changes at this point. It's for those reasons that we're marking this as 'Case Closed'. Of course should this change in the future, we will let you all know via our For the Record blog.


Thank you for your understanding!


+1. I only really have Spotify Family so my parents can use it infrequently. With the new Hulu deal, opportunity cost is such that I can actually pay less and get 2 services if I move over, so that's what I'm doing.


There really is no difference. Just have the 1 Hulu account per family subscription and it's done. I bet Hulu is worried that the entire family is gonna use the subscription (surprise: they already do).


Had a .99$ /month Hulu subscription from Black Friday sale , opted into the Spotify with Hulu since I have had Spotify premium for years now, upgrade to Spotify for family so my girlfriend can listen as well, lost my Hulu subscription..... doesn’t make sense, and no I can’t get back on my promo Hulu sub since I opted in to the Spotify bundle.   


Great point, I was wondering the same thing... following this post to see if any updates or Spotify responses come through. 


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Any update on this? I upgraded to the family premium plan and was not told that I'd loose access to Hulu. So dumb.

We should all face the fact that Spotify does not read and definitely does not reply to customer issues. It’s a sad reflection on what must be a poorly run customer service organization.

i'm ok with HULU not being offered with Spotify at all - however if there is a deal then it for sure should be offered to a premium family subscription

finding out that we don't have access to HULU plus the new user interface of Spotify (which is beyond awful) has got me looking at alternatives

Couldn’t agree more. I just wish a Spotify representative would man/woman-up and give us a reason on why this makes any sense at all. No answer is a “F U” to us all.
I, eventually, just gave up and got Hulu. I'm thinking that's their
approach. Sounds messed up but, that would be the best for them. The price
is nominal so, most people just give up and pay for Hulu.

Hulu for Family plan please.............

I am afraid that all of the comments have been ignored by Spotify. Customer non-service.