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I do not want to connect to facebook!

Status: Case Closed
by alo76 on ‎2013-01-02 09:41 PM

Hi Spotify.


Lately it seems like we have had some problems with our communication. You keep asking me the same question again and again and my answer is not really accepted. So now I would like to try and be as clear as possible. No, I do not want to connect my spotify account with my facebook account. If I change my mind I promise to let you know.


Right now I cannot even log in to Spotify using my phone. None of the options seem to work. So please avoid making this more complicated and just let me get in to my account.


I will now start looking for alterantives to Spotify, so if anyone has some good suggestions, please contact me.




Status: Case Closed
on ‎2013-01-03 11:15 AM

You do not need to connect your account to use Spotify. 

There will always be an option to log into your account using your Spotify username and password. 



by alo76
on ‎2013-01-04 11:47 AM

How do I disconnect it from facebook again. Apparently I have answered yes to one of the thousand times spotify has asked me if I want to connect the two accounts and now I cannot log in with one of my Iphones. Had a look around in the application and I can not find any way to disconnect the accounts.


Have also sent a message to Spotify to ask for support with the login issue a few days ago, but no answer so far. They seem to be busy spamming me with information about what which songs my friends have added to their play-lists. How do I stop these spam-mails from Spotify?!?!?

by alo76
on ‎2013-01-04 11:50 AM

BTW, when I try to log in without using the spotify-login, it only sends me on to the facebook-login afterwards, and I cannot move on from there. So right now the spotify-login is not an option.


When using the facebook-login it says: "Account merge failed". Please try again.

by Moderator
on ‎2013-02-24 09:45 AM
This is a support issue, not a new Idea. Please create a new thread in the Accounts board and we'll be more than happy to assist.
by Moderator
on ‎2013-02-24 09:45 AM
Status changed to: Case Closed

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