I would like to be able to disable 'edited' music entirely

I've noticed that the Spotify service seems to be making a more serious deliniation between 'explicit' music and 'edited' music recently. It's frustrating me on mobile though, because it's not always clear how to find the 'explicit' version of the album.


I understand that some people are concerned about explicit lyrics and parental controls, but for me personally, I want to hear what the artist originally intended.


Would it be possible to have some account-level setting where you could designate whether you want to hear 'explicit' music exclusively, or 'edited' music exclusively, etc? I could see how that would be useful.

Hey guys, I'm going to mark this as a 'Duplicate Idea' and merge it with the "Explicit Only/ Edited Only option" idea. Right now that has the "Good Idea, give it some Kudos" status. As soon as we have an update on this we'll post again there. Thanks for your feedback everyone!

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Yes, the "Radio Edits" annoy me. Some way to not play these albums/tracks would be good for me.


i hate when i add edited music to my playlist when the explict is available. 

Please allow us to show/play explict songs by defualt. 


The fact that there is no filter currently is pretty ridiculous. It's also frustrating when a new album comes out and only the clean version of the album is available.


Other times, when searching for an artist, only clean music shows up when selecting an artist, but going back and searching for the album results in the explicit album versions. There just has to be a way to filter out edited and non edited songs.


Please make the title to this thread more obvious.


There are too many people creating "new ideas" referring to removal or blocking of "Clean versions" of songs. 


I think this is a great idea, but unless someone can easily find it, it's not going to be visible to the devs.


I hate listening to edited songs. They show up by default on the desktop  version and it is by far the worst part of spotify. So annoying. 


This would push Spotify WAY WAY up on features to add a way to remove "edited" song from artists or at the very least make Explicted the default.


It may send me toward Google's new service if this doesn't get fixed. If I wanted edited music I'd go to Walmart.


Spotify absolutely has to fix it so the default experience is how the artist intended it.  If there are two versions of the album, default to the original album.  Allow both album version to be played in their entirety. 


Don't make the edited/clean version an album the default, and add the few explicit tracks under 'additional tracks.'  This forces me to have to make my own playlist to listen to the album in full, in order, with the explicit/original tracks in place of the edited tracks. 


If I am paying for this service, I expect to be able to listen to music as the artist released it.  Otherwise, it's just easier to download the songs and listen on iTunes, where I have more control.





I would like to have the Radio Edit as default setting, but be able to designate certain explicit playlists. If I can't have Radio Edit versions of playlists, then I can't listen to music in class or work settings. Is there currently a way to have ONLY radio edits play? I seem to get the explicit by default.

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Any headway on this yet?


I am considering leaving Rhapsody for Spotify but not if I have to go through all this struggle for edited content/settings for radio for all songs to be edited. 

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