I would like to be able to disable 'edited' music entirely

I've noticed that the Spotify service seems to be making a more serious deliniation between 'explicit' music and 'edited' music recently. It's frustrating me on mobile though, because it's not always clear how to find the 'explicit' version of the album.


I understand that some people are concerned about explicit lyrics and parental controls, but for me personally, I want to hear what the artist originally intended.


Would it be possible to have some account-level setting where you could designate whether you want to hear 'explicit' music exclusively, or 'edited' music exclusively, etc? I could see how that would be useful.

Hey guys, I'm going to mark this as a 'Duplicate Idea' and merge it with the "Explicit Only/ Edited Only option" idea. Right now that has the "Good Idea, give it some Kudos" status. As soon as we have an update on this we'll post again there. Thanks for your feedback everyone!


it actually makes me mad at it. please fix it so i can check a box and never hear a radio edit. thank you

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Hi guys/gals. 

Just to clarify, comments added here will most likely not be considered, since the status has been changed to 'Duplicate idea'. It is far better to add comments to the idea @meahtenoha  link to in this post. This makes it easier for everyone to take part of everyones thoughts on this idea, since they only have to keep updated about one single idea.