Improve UI look for the iOS app

I wasn't even sure whether the Spotify app was updated for iOS7 until I looked it up. To put it bluntly, while the app is functional enough (even if it still lacks basic features like being able to rearrange the position of playlists), it looks straight up ugly. Ugly to the point that it makes me consider switching to a competing app for example.


Take rdio for example, their app is drop dead gorgeous.




Compared to Spotify,




A redesign more in line with iOS7 design philosphies would be much welcomed.  If you want ideas on how it could look, look at some of mockups available online (

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Since this topic is not really a feature request but feedback about design and therefore hardly ever can be marked as 100% "Implemented", I'll mark it as Unspecified for now. Of course the topic is open for discussion and gaining kudos. 😉

I totally agree with this. Although the app got a post iOS7 update it still looks heavy, a bit dated and doesn't really feel like it belongs with my other apps. The glyphs are heavy, the animations seem clunky and slow and it feels cluttered compared to the open, light and elegant apps that iOS7 has inspired from other developers. 


I'd like to see a redesign that takes note of Apple's Human Interface Guidelines and uses a lightness of touch currently missing. The app is currently a bit of a chore to use, but it's worth it (just) because of the content.  I hope your devs are looking at a major redesign that keeps the app fresh and a delight to use. 

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Looking at the most recent iOS update, seems they've fulfilled the request. Looks pretty nice now!

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