Improve Virgin Media TiVo App

The Spotify app for Virgin Media's TiVo boxes is pretty poor. The app has frozen on multiple occasions, forcing me to kill the app to try again. There is no search functionality at all. There is no way to add songs to playlists. You cannot sort playlists in any way.


The concept of using my Spotify account through my TV (and connected cinema system) is brilliant. The current implementation, however, isn't.


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Casual Listener

I agree and not much help from Virgin either


I also think search option is an impotant feature that is missing in the virgin tivo app. can you please add this to it...

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i cant seem to get spotify on my tivo box and virgin dont seem to be able to help

anyone got any ideas

My Spotify password is too complex and there is no way to enter it using the login screen on the TiVo app. So I can't even get in to try it...

Spotify, when can we have an update from u guys re this? The concept is good but the interface is very primitive. Please can we guys have an update soon? Search, Shuffle, Radio are basic. Also, one of my playlists have more than 1000 tracks. Tivo app lists only 1000. Grrrr. Why?

Casual Listener

Hopefully some of the updates VM are carrying out to the Tivo software this month might help, but I won't hold my breath. Agree with ajpegg on logging in without a keyboard, the Tivo remote is just not capable of easily entering complex passwords.


Some unusual login characters can be accessed through the number 1 key. The situation is not great and encourages you keep the TiVo loggen in - which freezes you from using Spotify on your PC. 


I like all the comments above. In a perfect world this will all get resolved when Virhin Media sort out their mobile device app. Fingers crosses. Permanently. For some time now. 

Casual Listener

Pretty rubbish, to be honest. I'd love to be able to go into the Library function (or even just a playlist with all my tracks in it) and press shuffle.


I'd love to be able to search for a song. People come in and say to me 'Hey let me play you this song, it's awesome... but... oh wait, there's no search feature. LET'S GO USE THE YOUTUBE APP.' How is it that something I'd have to pay for like this is worse than the free thing I get with the box?


I'd love to be able to move tracks up and down in a playlist to suit the moment. I'll play this next... Hmmm... I can't move it... I'll just have to hover over it til it's finished? Is that really where you're at with this app?


Who's even responsible for this app? Is it Virgin or Spotify?

Casual Listener

Also if anyone is getting notifications from this, best idea to get this looked at is to come back and give this idea kudos!!

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Oh dear. I've just subscribed and paid my first month, then gone straight to the TIVO app on the Virgin box and realised it's pants. I was expecting "the dream", full music capability through my home cinema system. No spotify on the PS3 and a rubbish implementation on the TIVO box. Needless to say I shall be cancelling before the next payment.