Improvements for Windows and Android Clients

I have to say that there are several things that bother me about your Windows and Android Clients. Still I love the simplicity, the sleek design and the awesome streaming functionality about Spotify so I'd never mind quitting my Premium-Account. But those things I'm going to list up are so essential for my (and possibly enough others) listening habits, that I simply needed to let you know about. Giving Kudos or posting in every thread that's already been opened, would take forever considering the amount of improvements I want to suggest. So here's my "wish-list":


  • [Android+Windows] different options to sort playlists automatically (without drag&drop) like e.g. alphabetically or amount of contained songs
  • [Windows] possibility to "bookmark" artists or albums (i don't want to be forced to always create playlists)
  • [Android+Windows] addition to the above mentioned: possibilty to make those "bookmarked" artists/albums available for offline usage
  • [Android] search function for local stored songs
  • [Android] a real library for local+offline available files in online and offline mode (right now I'd have to scroll trough >5000 files, which is impossible so i alway hit shuffle. but i want to be able to listen to special songs/albums/artists.
  • [Android] improve scrobbling functionality: right now it only scrobbles every second song or so I actually listen

I don't know. These are many points that would need improvments from my point of view. Maybe it would be easier, if the Spotify database would be accessable by third party software. Programs like Winamp do have great library, queue and playlist functions.


Whatever, I'd really appreciate if the provided software would be improved in many ways so they are easy to use for everyone with their different listening habits. If this just isn't the way Spotify wants to design it's software, could someone suggest me other music streaming services, that provide those features?


Anyway, thanks for reading all this.

Please just post 1 idea per topic, otherwise it's hard to know which idea is meant to get kudos.
Furthermore, most of your ideas have been suggested for example here:

Add your kudos there please! ;)

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