In-App Release Notes When Spotify Updates

Thanks for making a changelog available, that's great (old thread about that here, including a couple of comments asking for the functionality I'm about to describe).


I still had to google for the release notes though, since not all Spotify users browse the community on a regular basis (sad but true). What I (and I suspect a lot of others) would really like is for the release notes to show up in the app itself.


They could be displayed on the front page, or integrated into the message that asks us to restart Spotify for an update. Failing that, just an easily accessible link to the online release notes would do (e.g. in the "Help" menu, above "About Spotify"). Ideally though, it'd be nice to know what we're upgrading to (and what the known issues are) before we actually do so.


I like that Spotify is being constantly updated and improved, but it's hard to appreciate changes I don't know have been made. Do yourselves a favour and give yourselves credit for your work!

Updated: 2016-05-05

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To pick an example more or less at random, Evernote has a changelog in the dialogue box that gives you the option to install the new version, and then another one (to remind you) is displayed when you restart the app. Plus, there's a "Release Notes"item in the "Help" menu that brings them back up. Also, their mobile apps give you notification of new features on their main page when you restart them after an update.


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Big, big fan of this idea. Saves me a lot of time trawling through endless comments and community threads!

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Very nice idea, and a nice written post, Mr. Howl... Kudos!


Yes!  For example, latest update moved discover.  I had to log in to spotify community on my computer to find it.  Why not have an overlay the first time you open the app or the desktop player telling the user what has changed?  I shouldn't have to go searching to find out what has changed, it should be available front and center.  


And in "What's New" version notes in iTunes, could you cut the whole fictious thing out?  "The app was designed by David Hasselhoff" gets space, but the location of "Discover" isn't mentioned.  You are using up space for your private jokes instead of helping me use the app.

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Also I think it is worth to mention that the actual changelog is not so detailed. I mean, for example, I've found that some genres&moods have been eliminated from the browse section recently and there is no mention of that in the changelog.


So please, detail every change in the Spotify client.

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While I feel unhappy with your latest changes, i feel more agrieved that they were forced, without any notifications of what i was loosing.  Other companies inform users of changes before updates.  You have several means at your disposal to have a direct converstion with your user.  In t app changelog before updates, or via email.  Unfair and unrealistic to expect all your users to be reading your forums.  

So, net result, i lost apps, my primary method of discovering new music, and the key advantage of using spotify

and i lost it with no warning.  I will now be auditioning competing services, 

Hope you will make a change to your policies soon

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Having an in-app changelog would be great!


I think this feature would be incredibly useful, especially given the recent uprise among premium subscribers in response to recent updates. Consumers should be able to see how the product they are paying for is changing, what they're gaining and what they're losing. Without any kind of idea of what's going on behind the scenes, I feel that many users feel left behind in the dark and upset that the only obvious changes in software are those that take away features. Users need some kind of explanation of what's going to happen before their product is updated and changed - they ought to know what product they're actually buying before they're transitioned into buying a 'new version' of it. You see what I'm saying?

It's would be like if you hired a gardener and they continually updated their service and one week changed to "We no longer do leaf blowing, only lawn-mowing now' and charged you the same price, you would be rather upset; and then the next week they only tended to grass rather than your trees and flowers without changing get the idea. People need to know what service they're paying for - there ought to be some level of consent between customer and provider


 I think this is a great idea.

With the missing changelogs for 1.0.x versions this becomes even more important! Please overthink your strategy...

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