Include more Asian Music: K-Pop, J-Pop, C-Pop, MV

In the "Browse Music" section, do include "K-pop", "J-Pop" and "C-Pop".

Hopefully also have a playlist of top Asian music like this:


Also include more, especially some of the most popular songs in asia, such as "Number 9 by T-Ara", "crooked by g-dragon".


Spotify is good, but really lack of Asian music, thus never really do better than other streaming music service like "Kuwo".

But I really do wish to stay as spotify premium because of the music recommendation is much easier here.


Also, I wonder if it is posible to have a choice to know if a music have a MV.

It would be great if there's a choice view some MV, even if by means of redirect us to Youtube.

Updated: 2016-01-27


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Marked as new idea, this idea will focus on having more asian music playlists available in the browse section. For your other points: Spotify is always trying to add as much music content as possible - please have a read at point 5 of the official FAQs respecting additional music requests here. ;)


Asian and world music integration in Spotify = Absolute world leader of music service and comunautary platform


I would love to listen to B1A4 on spotify, it would be much easier to listen music if this could happen :3

Totally agree with you. Spotify should make those arrangements to improve for the Asian music fans

Yeah, I could finally give up iTunes and Amazon and move entirely to Spotify if they just had more KPop, JPop and JRock, b/c that's like 2/3rds of the the music I listen to these days.



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Yes!!! I know there's some already but we need MORE!!!


Spotify has always had an extensive music library. However, the amount of Asian music (Korean, Chinese, Japanese etc.) on Spotify is subpar compared to other services such as Apple Music.


Therefore, you should  contact Asian record labels to include more Asian music on Spotify.


Korean labels

Japanese labels


This is a more concise version of this post:

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Hi @momnz and thanks for your contribution! As specific content requests aren't generally handled in the Idea Exchange, but in the Content Questions forum (which you linked to), I've merged this with our main thread about increasing the availability of popular musics from Korea and Japan. Your listing of important labels is very helpful, and please do know that staff is constantly working on bringing new music (such as the ones you describe) to Spotify.


Yes please. I'd like some music by Ayumi Hamasaki to be added.