Increase the total number of tracks allowed in a single playlist.

Spotify has a limit on the number of tracks that can be added to a playlist which seems to be different for different people but comes close to 10,000 tracks. This is a very small number. Why can't significantly more tracks be added? Also Spotify does not notify the user when additional songs cannot be added and this means that some tracks can be added whilst others are not when adding more than one track. This becomes very confusing for the user.

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Not sure if it's a typo from you or not but Spotify has a limit of 10.000 tracks per playlist. If you still want to increase this limit, feel free to vote here. ;)

Yes, I meant 10,000. It doesn't seem that there is a way for me to edit it. If a staff member wishes to edit it, then that would be great.

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Fixed ;) 



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Yes plese make it unlimited. I am creating an archive of songs and already gone over this limit and now have had to split it into 2 playlists which is annoying.


Having a playlist of that many tracks seems crazy and disorganized, Some would think mine are too large at close to 1,000.  IMHO, you should instead organize into smaller playlists and then put those into a playlist folder.  This makes it easier to drill down into your playlists and easier to find things.


Just another opinion FWIW.


My playlists, however, tend to be single artist discographies or partials.  Largest?  Willie Nelson at just over 1,000 with no repeats.  #2 BB King at around 850,again, no repeats.  And both of these include some local files of music N/A from Spotify.


OTOH, nothing wrong with raising the limit, but I still don't see a need.


My playlists are not for organising music, they are for playing music. Sure, playlist folders provide a workaround for this problem. I still think it's a good idea to increase the limit to avoid having playlist A, playlist B etc. for no reason. Also Spotify does not notify users when the limit is reached whcih should be changed.


@ MatthewLM


As a longtime digital music listener, I've figured out long ago that the best way to keep track of and find things is to keep them organzied.  If I want to play a specific artist or album, there it is in its own folder. 


But that's just me.  If it works for you to keep everything in a jumble, more power to ya.


If I want an artist or album and scrolling is too difficult then I can use the search function.

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Creating multiple playlists and putting them in a folder works great, unless you have followers of certain playlists. Say you want a playlist of ALL bluegrass music. You would fill up a playlist extremely fast and have to create a Bluegrass 2 playlist. All of those followers following your Bluegrass 1 playlist have no idea that you have created a 2nd playlist and will not know that you've added more music.


Another dilemma is if you want to listen to a radio station based off of ALL bluegrass or all Christmas music. If you have the music spread across different playlists, you would likely get a different listening experience playing a radio based on one of the playlists then the other. I find that radio stations give better music predictions when based off of a LARGE playlist instead of relying on the thumbs up and down.


There are solutions to both of these issues which have already been suggested as new ideas.


1. Let followers subribe to entire "folders", and receive notifications when there are new playlists and songs added to that folder - no matter which playlist it is.


2. Add the ability to start a radio based on an entire "folder" of playlists. Or at least multiple playlists.


I have many followers and I let them know when I've found new music by adding the music to a shared playlist - even if that playlist gets really large. I only have to add it to a playlist instead of sending a message separately to each individual playlist follower. That would be the benefit of having unlimitted playlists.

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I want all of my music in one playlist because I like to play all of my music at random. I don't need to organize my spotify music at all, so either let us have unlimited playlists or let us play multiple playlists together.