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Integrate Spotify with In-car audio systems.

This may already be in the works, but it would be awesome if Spotify was natively integrated with in-car smart audio systems such as the Pioneer AppRadio2 or the like.


I really want the best Spotify experience in my car possible. :)

Updated: 2015-08-19


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Sure having a feature right in the car audio device would be good, but you already can have Spotify in your mobile device, connect it with a car audio device that supports bluetooth or AUX and use it like that. 


I for one love my Spotify. On vacations, it's great to have a music library with you everywhere.

When I go to my car, I just put my phone (Galaxy Note) to the car dock, (connected via AUX to the car audio)

and stream music while I drive. When going abroad, just switch it to offline mode and use offline playlists.

(I'v set my mobile phone service to not allow data connectivity abroad).


There is a big difference between connecting a moble device with spotify and and spotify car audio interface integration. I think that is what JakeWags89 is talking about. I would like to see this as well. The possibilities could include typical functions you would get for a CD but could also include voice command.

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What about an simple adapter type using FM transmitter and bluetooth so it plays out through the exisiting car audio? I have tested one and when you enter your car it can automatically starts up the Spotify app.....

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I have been looking to see if there is a unit that has spotify built-in but none exist yet.  

Not sure how I came across this thread.... but I'd like to just comment that I'm in the process of developing a car stereo with Spotify natively embedded along with a number of other features. If there's some interest, I will most likely sell them sometime in early 2013

I'd love to have this...


I already have a radio with an AUX input but controlling my playlists on my phone is pretty useless and also clumsy. It would be great to have a radio with spotify (and internet radio stations) integrated.

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Parrot just came out with a device supporting spotify.. i might just get one if they don't develop an app for Pioneer AppRadio.. it has no CD Player tho...


I am patiently waiting to see an aftermarket radio have a native spotify app (like Pandora). When this happens My car will be complete! If this does not happen, I will have to switch to a service that does have a native car app. :( Dont make me switch!

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The Parrot Asteroid Smart is the best thing yet. I just hope the double din device will fit in my vauxhall astra '2011. We need more solutions like this in the car, there's even an adapter so you can still use the steering wheel controls to skip tracks, answer calls etc. AUX and FM transmitters might be a nice cheap solution for some, but I'm all about a nice clear dash with access you my spotify playlists (online and off line).