Interfacing with 3rd party music services like Pandora.

The idea is to have Spotify capture more of the songs I play.  I listen to pandora,,, and google music.  Only about 10% of the music I play is actually recorded through Spotify.  I believe it should be 100%.


So, you allow your users to listen to pandora through Spotify.  Spotify get's each users music information (for social media).  Obvoiusly you want to go after more services than just pandora.  Maybe you can gain market share in this area and become the music API.


Your probably asking: how do you go about doing this?  There is an application which allows you to do this already.  Called Musicality.  The trick will be to duplicate the functionality of Musicality while pulling the music which is being played.



Musicality Screenshot



Just an idea.  Thanks for reading!




Jason Hejna


Incase your looking for UX / UI designers, specifically me, I would be interested in working at Spotify.


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