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Spotify, if you could implement far more Asian music, such as songs from BACK ON, Girls Dead Monster and FUNKIST, it would be amazing. If you are not aware, the popularity of anime has been increasing exponentially, and as such, the very popular opening and ending songs would be amazing to see available in places like spotify. Just read this article, which was only produced in 2009: Not only that, but that was in 2009almost 5 years ago, and I can tell you that that popularity has not stopped increasing. Netflix, Hulu and Crunchyroll are well aware of this, and it shows in their many recent additions of anime available to watch, the addition of an anime category, and the addition of movies similar to these amines, if not based on them. As such, many more amazing Japanese songs have been featured in both the openings and the closings of these amines and movies, and I have found myself really truly wanting these songs. However, on Xbox Music, on Pandora, and also on Spotify, these wonderful songs were nowhere to be seen. Please, Spotify, please make this happen. It's not just me, either. There is a very, very large audience for these songs, which have only scratched the surface of the Japanese music industry, and would be overjoyed to see these songs in an easily accessible place like Spotify. Another thing to consider is that at this point in time, the only way to acquire these songs is through illegal downloads and manipulation of YouTube's mp3 player website, as well as the slightly more time-consuming bypass of the ip limitations, which I believe is illegal and hard to do, and I'm still not sure you can access the music that way, as I have never tried it. However, my point is that this doesn't benefit the artists at all, and the music obtained these ways is hardly high quality. If Spotify, however, were to sign a partnership or deal of some kind with the major Japanese labels, the artists would benefit extremely from being exposed to a wide new market of music-loving fans; we would benefit from the high quality amazing music they put out, and save ourselves from the unwieldy downloads from illegal sites, which many people can not use anyways; and Spotify itself would benefit, with far more people with interests differing from just American and European songs signing up for premium. And before you say to look at number 5 on the help list or whatever it is, I must tell you that this is a post on Japanese music in general: If you think I know every artist worth listening to, or have time to input tens or even hundreds of different Japanese music bands, never mind the songs and the research necessary, think again. I appreciate your consideration for these ideas you allow your community to put up, and I hope you take what I've said here into consideration. Thank you for your time.

As @Erkan_Yılmaz mentioned, a few similar ideas have been suggested:

The important thing to note about missing music is that Spotify hosts all properly licensed music submitted to them (in other words, any Japanese labels that submit their music to Spotify get hosted): please see point 5 of this post. Add your kudos and comments there please!

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As @Erkan_Yılmaz mentioned, a few similar ideas have been suggested:

The important thing to note about missing music is that Spotify hosts all properly licensed music submitted to them (in other words, any Japanese labels that submit their music to Spotify get hosted): please see point 5 of this post. Add your kudos and comments there please!

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I feel that just because the other comments (which were far less explanatory about the benefits of adding Japanese music) came first, that this comment should not be ignored, and indeed, it should show as another, slightly more detailed example of why Japanese music should be incorporated. By placing this comment in the duplicate idea section, you effectively toss it in the "I already have one of these, I don't need another one" pile, which is an injustice to the idea itself. At least, this comment ought to support the other comments already written, if not exist in the new idea section as another way to look at the addition of Japanese music. My idea expressly stated why I felt that Japanese music should be added, with the benefits presented (by no means the be-all and end-all of the benefits reaped from the addition) clearly, in more detail than the similar ideas posted. The similar ideas were simply things like "there should be more J-pop can you add it please" and "can we have some enka music thanks." I am not asking for only a specific kind of music from Japan. I wish to help begin the addition of the Japanese music into western countries that do not have any access to their music conveniently, besides YouTube, which is hardly an organized music application. I don't care if the additions start with enka, or with J-pop, or with J-rock, or even with J-country, if that's a thing. I only care that Japan's music, as well as other eastern music, such as Korean and Chinese music, starts becoming available to Western countries, in which exists a large audience waiting for these songs. So please, don't toss this into the "useless" duplicate idea pile, but feature it as a new idea- one calling for Eastern integration of music into Western countries in more detail than ever before. 


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Hi @ObliviousCactar , thanks for your thoughtful response, it's appreciated. 


In reference to why I marked it 'Duplicate Idea', it's not saying anythijng about the quality of your post, it's just that we try to confine all feedback on particular topics to single idea threads: that way, we don't have 10 'Japanese Music' threads, for example (the number would be close to that, I think). As you might have noticed, we have nearly 10,000 suggestions within the Ideas Exchange, and it's necessary to mark duplicates so that the feedback isn't overwhleming. The concept behind 'Duplicate Idea' statuses is that your comments within the thread (which are read by staff members once the idea reaches 100 kudos) add to their eventual decision.


The second point is the more unfortunate one: there's not much of anything Spotify can do about the lack of Japanese music on Spotify. International licensing restrictions mean that Spotify can't go out and add whatever they'd like - first, the Japanese label and publisher must negotiate a deal with an USA distributor to license the music for USA digital distribution (repeat this process each additonal country that they'd like the music heard in). Secondly, once the USA distributor has the right to the music, they must expressively give Spotify permission to host the music by submitting it directly to them, not the other way around. 


The problem in most cases is that A. Either the artist doesn't have legal distribution outside of their home country, or B. They don't want their music on streaming services. 

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Thanks, process, for replying again, and thanks for the feedback. I didn't know if any kind of deal had ever been struck with the Japanese labels, or if any attempt had been made, so I wanted to lend a voice to that idea. Thanks again for responding, and I hope that someday, and deal will be struck, and Spotify will gain access to the wonderful eastern music that is very much a minority, if barely existing in the Spotify music list. Then, I would feel very fulfilled, and I know others would appreciate it too. Peace!


Hello Spotify, I agree with this sentiment. Fortunately, Spotify added the Japanese pop-bands Perfume and Chatmonchy recently. I'm very happy about that. However, I second the request of others. 


Spotify needs the following Asian artists who are serious, quality, influential, and popular: 


1. Bump of Chicken (Japan)

2. Yuki Isoya (There is only a dub-verson of her album Joy, but Yuki is a strong artist with decades as a top artist in Japan).

3. Judy and Mary (Japan)

4. BoA (Japan and Korea; Please add her Japanese (and Korean?) albums)
5. Utada Hikaru (Please add her Japanese albums)

6. JuJu (Japan)

7. Superfly (Japan)

8. Arashi (Japan)

9. Tohoshinki (Korean band that sings in Japanese) Also called TVXG

10. Mr. Children (Japan)

11. Greeeen (Japanese pop band)

12. Amuro Namie (Japan)

13. B'z (Japan)

14. Southern All-Stars (Japan)

15. Luna Sea (Japan)

16. Kobukuro (Japan)

17. Capsule (Japan


These bands have the influence of U2 or unique-ness of Kurt Cobain for Japan. The world should hear their voices and creative contributions. If there is some way to encourage them to submit their music Spotify, Spotify should seek out those measures. Thank you for your consideration. 

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Utada Hikaru and Nico Touches the wall!!!