Set up your account/device as a jukebox, where users can find (perhaps by location) and submit to your device songs which will be added to a playlist on that device. Perhaps secured by a simple passphrase which can be printed and displayed/emailed/texted to people in the area, and prevent "drive by play listing".

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Totally agree! This would be great for parties, venues etcetera. I'm looking for a possibility like this for a long, long time..


This would be amazing!

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Jukebox UI (on the playing device itself or elsewhere) suitable for touch-only interaction would be ideal.


I've always got spotify running in the background when I entertain guests. It would be really cool if Users could interact with a touchscreen and select songs they wanted to hear. Much like a jukebox at a bar.


This is not only a great idea but potentially a moneymaker for Spotify, too.


Bars, restaurants, shops -- establishments of all kinds! -- could pay for a special kind of account, with which comes the functionality for their customers to use, say, an iPhone/Android app, to queue the songs they want to hear.


Instead of a password to prevent "driveby playlisting" as mentioned above (as passwords can be remembered/shared/etc, meaning they'd probably have to be changed regularly) perhaps it would be possible to log into the establishment's jukebox with something similar to a QR code? It could be displayed inside the building for customers to scan, and start adding tracks.


And for the sake of censorship in public places, you could implement a few control options for the establishment to use -- to prevent explicit songs from being played in family-friendly environments, and so that people don't wind up listening to that one kid's favourite Avenged Sevenfold song over their michelin star gourmet dinner and wine!


Please make this happen ASAP. With so many other music streaming providers out there, this feature would add a nice competitive edge to Spotify's offering.

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This would also be good for use at work, where we use spotify all day. Everyone could not only queue tracks, but also see what was playing, etc. 


I also like the idea of this jave lots of bbq's and partys at home and currently just load up tracks, would love a jukebox where they can search and add tracks just like the pub ones we have, search by genre, artist, track etc and then it adds to playlist.


I've been looking for something like this forever!  There was an app called Jukebox for Spotify, but it's become outdated with the new api and was meakly integrated.  It would be essential to be able to interrupt the radio feature or a playlist with a single song request, then return to the playlist/radio, much like an actual jukebox.  I think there's a lot of potential for this feature.  I have a premium account which I've setup to play over the unused intercom system at my work, kind of a wonky pirate radio.  The "server" is an otherwise-unused Android phone which I control remotely with the Connect feature.  However, this feature isn't suitable for this jukebox idea because I would have to dish out my login information to anyone trying to play a song from their phone.  A seperate client application would be ideal in this case, but, more realistically, would be housed within Spotify itself as a feature.  This has further potential to draw people in to the brand who wouldn't otherwise be exposed or have the desire to try Spotify.  Win-win.

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