Keep Neil Young, jettison Joe Rogan

Don't make a money decision, do what's right for the community, for people's health. Rogan spreads misinformation, people are harmed by it. Neil Young is an icon to multiple generations, and he's right about Rogan. Easy decision.

Updated on 2022-01-27

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hear hear



hear hear


Yes please end public debate on covid. Public debate is too dangerous to those in power. Informed people are confused people who stop listening to authority figures. This can lead to unrest and the potential democratization of power from those who have spent decades carefully usurping it 


There is only one cure to covid and that is vaccination. Telling people how effective diet, excercise, and other treatments are creates a market loss to those who have invested millions into experimental vaccinations. We should be loyal customers and not seek alternative products, preventions, and practices.


I appeal to your humanity. Open discourse is dangerous. Free thought is dangerous.


Only those in authority are qualified to think or make rational decisions. We trust the elite because they protect us. Look at the amazing job their singular dogged approach to covid has done these past few years. Sure deaths are at record highs but that's only because we don't have 100% compliance to mainstream covid doctrine!


You need to learn what misinformation really is. Neil Young is ignorant.


What is wrong with Spotify supporting dangerous right wing conspiracy and banning rock n roll legends!  Scared, sad , we’re doomed


Agreed. Considering cancelling subscription


Why cancel Neil Young over Rogan. Bad decision 


I may cancel subscription.   Cannot support spreading deliberate Covid misinformation.  This harms all of society. 


Your careers page says you value Diversity, Equity, and Impact, and  that you're "showing up for people and the planet, using our platform to drive meaningful change where it matters most." I wonder what your internal employees think, especially women and other underrepresented groups, about your continued platforming of misinformation like Joe Rogan. Not only do you allow him to be on your platform, you actively promote his voice (to date, he is the only person who I have seen to get their own Spotify "Genre" - putting him at the same level as "Rock music" or "Christmas tunes".) I think this is absolutely abhorrent. It seems like you are lying about or simply do not care about upholding your own values in exchange for revenue. Count me out if you continue to platform voices like this.


Spotify needs to have a policy regarding the handling of misinformation.


Time for another music service- along with the rest of the family


see ya later!!