Keep Neil Young, jettison Joe Rogan

Don't make a money decision, do what's right for the community, for people's health. Rogan spreads misinformation, people are harmed by it. Neil Young is an icon to multiple generations, and he's right about Rogan. Easy decision.

Updated on 2022-01-27

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I have an idea.


Let's limit this debate and discussion to those of us actually taking care of and responsible for these patients in the ERs and hospitals today. Unless you want Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson to take care of you when you show up in respiratory distress and can't breathe.







Spotify didn’t cancel Neil Young, he threatened to leave if he didn’t get his way.   As of this moment, he’s still here, but if he wants to leave I think Spotify should let him.  That is better than allowing a few people to impose on the rest of us. You can take your marbles and go home, or you can stay in the sandbox and learn to play well with the rest of us.


after this whole debacle, Me and my family are taking my business elsewhere. I cannot support the spread of misinformation. especially from a man who convinced a large chunk of the country take Horse dewormer to cure a virus. Goodbye Spotify


I just cancelled our subscription-why would I pay for a monthly service that spreads misinformation?  I can spend my hard earned dollars elsewhere. See ya!


Well, it looks like you've made your choice and it is $$ over the people you serve. You have too much invested in Joe Rogan, who is willingly spreading disinformation that is great for his ratings, but can kill the least competent among his listeners. I've absolutely loved Spotify, but cannot abide your decision. While I like some of Neil Young's music, my preferences are jazz, classical, and folk. Principles are always more important than personalities (or filthy lucre). I'll be looking for an alternative (and one that offers the CD quality you promised).


Spotify has always been about music for me--podcasts are a side dish. I'm a  premium customer, but if this situation isn't resolved intelligently (coughdumprogancough) when my fees come due, I'm out. I have enough music that I own and can load onto usb drives. Don't need Spotify.


GamerK, you represent less than 30% of the population who remains compliant to the abysmal failures in covid policy of the last two years. Spotify has already ran the numbers and know how weak your support really is. 


Covid deaths are higher than ever, human misery is untenable, and the world economy is broken for a generation; and yet you still support the authoritarian failures who created it.


I think you might need a little less gaming and music. Leave your house for a few minutes and see what the laptop class allowed to happen to the world 


I thought Spotify was about music?   

Neil Young = Music
Joe Rogan = not music


On the contrary, people are saved by Rogans information. If he wasn’t making things public to a large audience a lot of people would just “do what they’re told” instead of being able to think freely. If you can’t openly discuss the science, then it’s probably communism. 



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