Keep Neil Young, jettison Joe Rogan

Don't make a money decision, do what's right for the community, for people's health. Rogan spreads misinformation, people are harmed by it. Neil Young is an icon to multiple generations, and he's right about Rogan. Easy decision.

Updated on 2022-01-27

Hey folks,


Thanks for bringing your feedback to the Idea Exchange!


We’re closing this idea since it doesn’t meet one of our Idea Exchange guidelines, namely point 7: “No pricing, subscription or content related requests.


We do appreciate all the feedback you share with us but our Ideas board is to help us receive new product and feature suggestions that will allow us to improve our app and service for everyone.
Changes to pricing, subscriptions or the content available are specific to each market around the world, and we cannot influence those. This includes requests for content removal or addition”.


Thanks for understanding.


The response from Spotify is a copout, weak, and lazy. Yes at another intellectually vacuous and lazy response in the statement "With that comes great responsibility in balancing both safety for listeners and freedom for creators."  So - the "freedom for creators" include giving advice to people that could result in their death?


Bunch of **bleep**. Closed topic because it does not meet "guidelines"???!!!! Seriously? 


Yea well, I'm on Apple Music already. It's been a while since I last tried them (2016) that I've been offered another free 1 month trial, so I'm using it right now. Even though I've paid Spotify till 19 Feb, they can keep their €10. Quite interesting to see that Apple Music has remembered what I was listening to some 6 years ago. Oh, and the lossless audio quality on a set of Bose QC headphones blows Spotify clean out of the water.

We don’t.

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