Keep the old app API in the desktop software for existing apps

Spotify has announced on its developer blog lately that they will abandon the old app framework in the desktop software completely. This means that popular and well-known apps like musiXmatch, TuneWiki or for Spotify will no longer be available in the App Finder. Here is an excerpt from the announcement:


"Spotify Apps (Discontinued)

This feature is no longer available.


Please note: Future releases of the Spotify Desktop client will no longer feature an App Finder tab and will no longer support the presentation of Spotify Apps, therefore this feature has been discontinued.


As Spotify evolves and priorities change, we sometimes have to remove APIs from active development and shift focus to the relevant platforms. With the new APIs and SDKs now available we are phasing out Spotify Apps support from the desktop client. In the upcoming version you will no longer be able to run third-party applications within the desktop client. This means the App Finder and apps inside the desktop client will no longer be available and we are terminating our Application Distribution Agreement.

The update will gradually roll out from today, starting with a smaller percentage of new and existing users, with the majority of our existing users receiving the update early in 2015."


No longer supporting these apps means that e.g. personalised recommendations for new music are even harder to find in Spotify, as they are also testing what to do with the Discover tab which might get replaced with a general Top Hits Highlights section or even be abandoned completely.

Hello everyone. Spotify here. 
We’re happy to highlight that several of our partners have already launched new integrations with Spotify. Some of these are located within the Spotify desktop app like MusixMatch. Others are hosted as web apps on partner sites like BBC playlister, Soundhound and You can find many others on our developer showcase
We believe this will allow us to create a great Spotify experience across many platforms. Instead of trying to build all of these features into Spotify, we’re building ways to make a Spotify account more useful in different experiences. For example, we released an integration with Runkeeper. You’re also now able to use the Pacemaker DJ app on iOS and the Djay DJ app across Mac, iOS and Android. Further the Shazaam integration is better than ever. 
We’ll be offering more experiences like this in the future and we’re excited to see what we can build with our partners.
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From what I know, some form of  musiXmatch for lyrics will be staying in the desktop app.

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Hm the announcement you mentioned really seems to me that all apps will be gone in 2015. This older blog post gave me hope, it says:


Are apps disappearing from the Desktop Player?
All the existing apps will be available in the Desktop player for the foreseeable future. We are working on new APIs and SDKs and streamlined procedures that will make it much easier for developers to work with us in the future.

 But now I'm not sure about it anymore. I hope they'll keep the already existing apps and I'm afraid they won't..


Right, I also remembered that older announcement from late March 2014 where they still mentioned "a foreseeable future" for existing apps. So I was surprised that they seem to have changed their mind so quickly, as they are already rolling out new desktop versions partially without the App Finder. I will not confirm the update button when it shows up the next time, but of course that is not a good solution, and many users who use external apps will not know that they will lose them with the next update. This will also cause many related questions in the for Spotify support group, I'm afraid.

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Just saying something about the Last.FM app: I actually don't use it as I get all information on the website itself. I doubt they'll remove the scrobbling feature, so I'm fine with it. But other apps are quite useful to me and I won't update as well if they're going to delete the apps section entirely.


That's right, you can get almost all information in the app also on the site, especially since they offer direct on-demand playback via Spotify now. But e.g. the personalised recommended albums with direct playback or added as playlist in Spotify are not available on, as the recommendations page there only lists the artists without direct links. And the generated playlist with similar tracks to the currently playing track in Spotify is handy as well. This feature is also offered by Lazify, another external app based on the database that would not be available anymore.

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Ah okay, that's true for sure. I don't use this feature (discover/recommended albums), because I already have enough music in my "to listen" playlist 😉 But I guess lots of people - apart from us - are going crazy if their apps are going to be removed.


One of the reasons I have been a long-time user and subscriber is the seamless connection to and I love using the app with the recommendations going directly to play and I also use it, a lot, to "love" tracks played on Spotify and to "star" or save tracks that I have "loved" on by other means.


Between and the lyrics app, I am happy with Spotify. But I own hundreds and hundreds of LPs and CDs and tens of thousands of digital tracks....  And I subscribe to digital-music purchasing services....  If I lose my connection on Spotifay... I might just conclude I no longer want to pay Spotify...


I hope Spotify will reconsider it's relationship to users... We are many!


PS: Why, just two nights ago, I was showing a friend what a fine interaction there was with and how that is a great reason to use Spotify or at least adds a lot of enjoyment ......

I for one will no longer be paying for Spotify, as the recommendations was the only thing I really used Spotify for. knows me so well, the app was just perfect.
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Ok, that would propably be the last straw for me. No Discover and no apps that give personal recommendations? Are you removing radio too? Simply bewildering. Why are you making the service worse? Without a good explanation I will have to conclude that Spotify wants to drive traffic towards the hit list songs. If that's the case, it's just not going to happen. Is there a better reason?
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 It was bad enough that Recommend was removed. Removing apps is the final straw. Two things that separated Spotify from the competition in my mind were the recommendation system and the apps. The apps only ran on the desktop, not on android, but recommend used to run on both. Why stick with Spotify if they are going to continue to downgrade our user experience? What's next from Spotify? Remove radio? Remove jazz and classical because they don't fit the target demographic? All Katy Perry, all the time?