[LG Smart TV] Spotify Connect for LG Web OS

Can implement connection tv lg web os and android please please XD and i love spotify for all mi live believe it

Updated on 2019-08-29


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Casual Listener

I'd like to see my LG TV running spotify app in the device list of the Spotify App an OSX to control which song the TV is playing, that would be awesome, since it is connected to a fat **bleep** surround system 😉


Me sumo al pedido que se actualice la app de Spotify en los televisores LG WebOS, es increible que sigamos sin la funcion super util de "Spotify Connect".

Lo mas raro aun es que no haya una respuesta oficial sobre este problema, como para saber si lo implementaran en un futuro cercano.


Being able to control from phone in another room would be much faster than TV remote - feels like the LG App hasn't been updated for a while


WebOS TVs really need fasters and upgraded versions. It doesn't work without connect and bugging every time I try to log in.


I think Cast would be even better since that can also start the app on the TV, just like Youtube, Netflix and Viaplay.

This update would be the best thing for lg smart tv users, please remove an update quick 

News about this implementation?
Spotify Connect should be supported immediately.

At the moment actual app is very useless...


I know that you guys receive 100s of these "you should" or "you need to" but there is a great amount of people that have LG tv and support for the Spotify connect would be much appreciated. I saw that my friends Samsung tv support it and the app looks pretty awesome. On LG? It looks outdated.


Waiting for Spotify Connect on LG smart TV too.


This should not be a new idea. This is what spotify should do for every device, provide a fully compatible app with all the features. The current app looks outdated, album covers seems to be shrinked to a not standard resolution. It should be at least as the web player.