[LG Smart TV] Spotify Connect for LG Web OS

Can implement connection tv lg web os and android please please XD and i love spotify for all mi live believe it

Updated on 2019-08-29


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Updated: 2016-03-27

Marked as new idea and edited the title slightly to make it easier to find via search. 😉

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tenemos el mismo problema y creo que esto ya tiene 1 año sin solución, esperemos que en la próxima actualización se pueda sincronizar ("connect") correctamente nuestra tv lg con webOS

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 Same problem with LG BluRay Players: they should appear on Spotify Connect and they don't.

This way nobody can control what is listening without turning on the TV set.



Could you also add previous versions to the list? It's a pain in the as* to use Spotify without connect, SmartTV menus and navigations are like using fork to eat soup. Too bad not many LG TV users here, so few upvotes. 


 Se não funciona na lg smartv os então vou cancelar 



Yes please implement connect for webos!


Please implement it. I have bought 2 LG WebOS TVs.

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Yes, please! After upgrading to premium I was absolutely devastated to find out that the Spotify app is not fully functional on my LG Smart TV - completely defeating the purpose of "premium". Also, "Start song radio" is not available there. What's the point of the app on TV at all?


 This really is unfortunate. Lg tv's are pretty amazing. I HAVE AN LG G4 android and you would think bc the phone has everything you coukd ever want, the tvs would too. I cannot live without spotify! The fact that the Spotify app doesnt seamlessly sync w spotify connect is asinine. It is essential to use spotify to its full potential! Please send update asap!


Lg web OS app very slow. And I'm not see my songs in sporify app. Please repair this problems...