[LG Smart TV] Spotify Connect for LG Web OS

Can implement connection tv lg web os and android please please XD and i love spotify for all mi live believe it

Updated on 2019-08-29


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no aparecen mi biblioteca en mi smart tv lg ya intente conectarme con mi nombe de usuario y con mi correo y no hay respuesta a mis listas de favoritos 

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Hey @edcsandi thanks for posting yoru idea. We don't comment publicly on anything involving 3rd parties in the Ideas Exchange. However, should this happen we will post here if we have any public information to share. Thanks! 


In my opinion the LG tv app is frankly garbage, can't search for playlists, takes forever to search for anything as it searches after each letter you type, very slow in general, ugly UI, etc. It took me the length of an entire song to be able to type in the name of the next song I wanted to search for.


Basically it's only useful if you have either created your own playlists or know exactly what you are looking for. At least if it had connect I could use my phone to find playlists to play through my tv. Would be nice to see an update. I'd like to request that someone at Spotify try to use this app after using the phone and pc apps and then maybe they will realize how useless and outdated it is. Kind of like trying to surf the Web with Netscape Navigator or AOL on Windows 95 rather than Chrome in Windows 10.


Spotify app for lg smart tv


I also want the Spotify app for lg smart tv. Please


Hey Spotify Guys, Please can you let me know when Spotify connect will be working on LG TV's. It seems there are a lot of people that require this feature.





Please update the LG TV (WebOS) Spotify app, including adding support for Spotify Connect. I'm a premium subscriber and recently purchased a new LG TV thinking integration would be OK given the popularity of LG TVs, but it turns out the TV Spotify app is seriously gimped. It cannot even do basics - it doesn't give access to my playlists (there is a Playlists section but it appears to be a TV-only playlist, which is useless), no discovery (only has top tracks for my region instead of proper personalised discovery recommendations), it cannot browse my followed artists / albums / songs, doesn't do podcasts, and doesn't have artist radio.

As a workaround I am currently casting my phone screen / laptop screen to the TV and using the app on those devices to play through the TV, but this is battery intensive and tedious at best. I am considering switching away from Spotify because of this - Pandora's LG TV app has superior functionality.


CORRECTION: Playlists do actually work - there must have been a glitch at the time I wrote the original post.


Feels like the company does not care about the functionality of the WebOS app. At the moment its **bleep**, i have to use my old AppleTV just becuase the lack of the Spotify Connect on the WebOS version of the app. Its a shame that people have to use an extra device just for on product.

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"Not right now"



Uhh are you kidding me, Spotify?


Yes please add Spotify Connect to LG TVs!