Less space between lines

Hello Community,


I am using Spotify for years now and i find the desktop client for windows has been going in the wrong direction.


With the latest update it has really become kind of annoying. My problem is that on my 21' Diplay with a resolution of 1680 by 1050 i am forced to constantly scroll through the menu on the left and also, with the enormous spaces between the lines, on the main view of titles in my playlists.


So i suggest that you let the user choose if he wants the new look for let's say his touchscreen enabled device (where it would make very much sense) and a much more narrow lined desktop version.

An while i m at it: it would be very nice if i could change the colors of the text an the background to my liking.

Updated on 2017-08-24

Hey folks, we're going to mark this as Case Closed today. This idea has had the "Not Right Now" status for over 3 years now. We don't have any plans to change the space between lines in the Desktop app. Of course should this change we will post here to let you all know the feature is coming. We're trying to be very transparent about what we likely, and likely won't, build in the Idea Exchange. Thank you!


Haha, yes! I feel like Im running the new Spotify desktop client on a Leapfrog.


Well, I became a community member just to say how much I want to make the line-spacing smaller.  Spotify already was a screen real estate hog and, with the new incredibly huge line spacing, it's beyond annoying.  Here's hoping we get the option to reduce it soon.


With the new desktop client, I feel like I've been transported back to the mid-1990s. When we were working on our 15" or 17" screens at an 800x600 pixels resolution, with a constant feel of claustrophobia because nothing really fit on the screen, and you were constantly scrolling and scrolling and scrolling. What a relief when high-resolution video cards and displays came around, and you could actualy fit a nice chunk of stuff on screen at once while still keeping it readable.


So what trend do UI designers consequently kick off? They increase elements and spacings to such gargantuan sizes, striving to reduce usability back to that of a low-resolution display. Using Spotify now, the only real difference to working on a 1995 desktop is that the fonts might be a bit smoother.


I realise that this trend of excessive empty space and element sizes is due to the touch-based device market. But when a new device category comes along, adjusting your interface to it while in turn making it unusable for the previous device categories is not the right solution. The right solution is a reactive design that adapts to the kind of device it's actually running on. You can never get anywhere good with middle-grounds and compromises. Real desktop systems aren't going to disappear in favour of touch devices (because some people still use their computers for actual work...) And I think even users of touch interfaces might appreciate being given the choice between seeing more information, or having higher imprecision tolerance.


This really needs to be fixed. The new UI is horrible!

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Yes, it feels like my screen resolution has been decreased! Here are my other comments on Spotify's user interface updates, without my opinion on stars (which need to be brought back): http://community.spotify.com/t5/Spotify-Ideas/Black-background-and-white-text-physically-hurts-amp-c...
Someone mentioned that this is probably so the UI will look better on Retna displays, and I bet that is the case. Simple solution: The UI needs to be DPI aware.

Somehow I don't think this is about high-DPI displays, because for those, the font size would still be disproportionately small for the line height. It would probably look better on Retina displays if the font sizes were adapted to the new taller lines, but they weren't. I'm pretty convinced this is all about touchscreen devices, to allow for less precise selection by finger. The line heights are now about comparable to those on my iPad, where it makes more sense.


Spotify... ... and you were doing so great! I really love Spotify and would gladly pay MORE for the service, but you guys just screwed us over with this new UI. Which is why the tone of this message is rather upset.


Why did you guys have to go ahead and do a Windows 8 on us? The new UI is incredibly wasteful and seems to be made for people who use touchscreens with their toes! As one guy put it, did you just invest in a mouse scrollwheel company?




1. Reduce line spacing! Make it configurable via skin file (resources.zip). Right now, resources.zip is almost useless in truly customizing the UI. If you decided to RUIN the UI, at least LET US FIX IT!


2. Save column sort order betweens sessions! I'm sick of always sorting stuff by date or by whatever I want EVERY TIME I START THE darn PROGRAM.


3. Remember that I want to see top 10 songs from an artist but don't show it as a HUGE long list that wastes ton of screen space. Again, you've taken many steps backward in this area as well!


I'm aware this covers more areas, but guys, if what you're doing is wasting our money in destroying such a promising product, then I'm sorry to say but you'll have to have a serious talk with whoever not only thought, but APPROVED this *IDIOTIC* UI for the desktop app.


Could not agree more.  Very frustrating to have so many fewer songs visible at once on the screen.  My screen is full of mostly empty space now!


Completely agree - I seem to spend my whole time on Spotify scrolling... I can see no way this change is beneficial to the user, who incidentally, pay the subscriptions? Please either add customisation or reduce the waste of space, whichever can be done quicker