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Instead of having only playlists, I think we should be able to have one large library-- but still be able to make smaller playlists based off of that library. 


I think this would be beneficial because sometimes I like to listen to a certain artist, or maybe just one of their albums, or maybe a certain genre of the songs I have in my library. I think if there was one big library, where we could sort our songs into different subsets from, it would be beneficial and a little more user friendly. 


Honestly, I love the idea of spotify and I absolutely adore paying such a small amount and having unlimited music every month. However, I find myself pining for the layout of iTunes and the way they are able to sort their music into different subsets. I don't want to say this, but I've been contemplating going back to iTunes simply because of that convenience. I'd really like the hear something back about this, because I truly think it would be helpful!

As metnioned, a similar idea has already been suggested here:
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You wannt to hear something back about this?

I posted about this issue 20 Month ago. It has been under consideration over a year ago and nothing has changed...

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As metnioned, a similar idea has already been suggested here:
Add your kudos there please! 😉

You are so right. Spotify lacks the library management tools found in iTunes, MOG,  Beats Music, Google Play Music All Access, and Rdio, to name a few. These other streaming services are not playlist centric, understanding that the ideal function of a playlist is simply to store queues of favorite tracks. Presently, only the desktop client allows users to create folders within the playlist pane, but even this is not  remotely a substitute for the ease of saving tracks, artists, and albums to a searchable, organized library. As Spotifiy appears to have the lowest data consumption, for users who occasionally like to stream on limited data plans (vs exclusively stream or download via Wifi), they have a big edge on the competition. Now, If the Spotify developers would fix this serious flaw, they would definitely gain a larger share of the streaming service market.


One other thing, in addition to artist biographies, Beats and Rdio add terrific informative album descriptions for many titles. 

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