Link Facebook Fan Page with Spotify Profile

Why doesn't Spotify allow Facebook fan pages to link to Spotify profiles? Seems like a perfect fit. We have over 1M fans and would like to work Spotify into our website/facebook page, but without the ability to link the fan page to the spotify profile, we feel, well, limited. Since we cannot link our fan page to the Spotify page, we cannot display a profile picture....we would also like to direct our fans to Spotify to listen to the playlists we create, which would heavily increase Spotify's traffic and subscriber rate, but, alas we don't have the opportunity.


Why doesn't Spotify allow for this integration?

Update: This idea has been submitted again here:


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We have the same idea it seems like the perfect fit. I really hope spotify adds this feature.

Music Lover

Is there anyone at Spotify that can help with my question about integration? We'd really like to set this up and also apply some other partnership options. Thank you!


Yeah, I really love this idea. It would take Spotify Socials scope to a whole new level. Imagine the possibilities for both companies and Spotify if companies would use a Spotify profile as a crucial part of their social media strategy...

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This is exactly what I am looking for these days. As a co-admin for a music facebook artist/label page we are interrested in linking an official label spotify account to our official label facebook site. So that we can create playlists and share that info on our facebook site.


My suggestions will be to do this just as easy as a twitter account is linked to spotify. Just by adding the direct URL/page reference in Spotify. Add the direct URL to your facebook artist/label/fan page.


Fans will now be able to follow when updating your official spotify playlists, suscribe to playlists, favourite tracks etc??


And the profile picture from your facebook artist page should of course be shown in your Spotify account too.. ;)





i'm also looking for this feature! i can't wait until spotify and facebook offer this


-]. Seems Spotify don't listen to their users .[-


Great idea, how is this not already done?!

Bring Social networking to the next level @Spotify!


As all before me said and say: a great feature and surprising that it hasn't been implemented yet anyway. So - please implement as soon as possible!


Looking for the same thing Spotify....


+1 That would make a great feature for our library fan page.
Sharing and being able to connect to (our) users.