[Linux] Headless Client for Linux Servers

As the user f1micro said in this closed idea, it would be awesome to have a headless client for Spotify which could be controlled from a web page or from a mobile app.


I also would like that the build were available to ARM/Rpi architecture. Actually, this is really important to me (:


Please make it happend!! :D




Updated on 2019-02-15


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As mentioned, this idea is a re-post of this inactive idea.


It would be great to publish an open source API for Spotify Connect as in this idea. The functionality then could be easily added to existing projects like pi music box.


Hi, I am also would love to add a spotify daemon to my raspberry music box.  I wish I can see it then in the device list of my Android or IPhone Spotify  APP, where I can control it from. Not even have to be in the same network. 


I'd love for my Raspberry Pi to show up in the speakers list, like it does for bluetooth speakers. I have regular speakers at home that I'd like to plug my raspberry PI to it, so I could control it from my mac or iOS.

Casual Listener

 IMHO a regular Linux support with headless Spotify client should be great. Not just a RPI or ARM specific version.

I would like to use it on my custom built Ubuntu based media center, which uses Ubuntu 16.10 currently on a x86 mini server.


15.10... just a typo (:


Great idea. It would be really usefull to be able to control the daemon from another app!!! This link should be posted on forums to gather even more kudos, so they make it happen; Raspberry Pi forums, reddit, and others.


This is definitely needed


Yep, needed :-)


Just found out about mopidy and Pi MusicBox (both Open Source) :D

So the Open Source community was faster to hear the shouts (kind of expected when the request mentions linux)...


Would be great to have a headless Spotify-connect enabled Linux client, not holding my breath it'll happen anytime soon tho, sigh.