[Linux] Support for Raspberry Pi and Linux running on ARM (only x86 is supported)

I've bought a Raspberry Pi, and I plan to make a portable Linux-based Spotify-computer (I'll use Debian, since Ubuntu does not support RPi).


Spotify woun't run on RPi, probably because it's made for x86-platform.


And despotify is not an option, need the complete Spotify client. 😉


For this project I have the RPi, Lenovo LT1421 USB-monitor (great monitor BTW), battery and PSU and of course FiiO E7 DAC for high sound quality. The only thing that's left is the software, and Spotify is not compatible with ARM/RPi.


A phone or tablet don't have good enough sound quality or functionality, so please, make Spotify RPi compatible! 🙂 I also want to have Spotify in my car, but I have to wait until it's supported.


It is also important to support Linux I think, which is a great OS, but is in the shadow of Windows and iOS. To all of you that haven't tried Linux, try it. It rund much faster and better than Windows and uses much less resources.

Updated on 2018-06-15


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If it is linux based just use the linux version of Spotify?

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Use an ncursed based version instead, ex despotify. 

Or just download the spotify libs and write your own spotify service which you can control from another device. Buying an RPi should indicate that you are tech savvy enough to do that 😄


And regarding the linux client, AFAIK it only available in a x86 binary (maybe x64 aswell, a tad unsure there) so its "impossible" (well not really, but RBi cant handle that level of virtualisation without breaking down completely, but you could try qemu if u want to) so it doesn't run on ARM. 


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Oh, won't run on my Android loop Linux installation then 😉

Spotify won't run on RPi because of the chipset. It's probably made for x86, not ARM-platform.


I'll try to get it to work when I get my power supply. But Spotify should be compatible with ARM/RPi anyway, in my opinion. 🙂


Despotify is not an option for me, I need the full Spotify client. 😉


I need a Spotify Client wich ist controllable trough command line 🙂


Now that there is a ARM libspotify, do you guys know if anyone has made a version with gui? Or does the normal linux version work now in ARM-powered computer?


Normal linux version still doesn't work. Today I tried to install it on my cubieboard and it fails with same error.


For me it doesn't look like libspotify gives access to stream service. It allows to operate on playlists, albums and so on, but I can't find nothing for streaming there.

There might be some other way to have sporify on ARM for now - I'm not sure but I think that I saw Spotify for XBMC.


Anyway it would be great to have Spotify on ARM 😉


I looked one more time - there is streaming in libspotify - cool 🙂 

So we just need to wait

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Do you guys mean you're looking for this:



Hope I've helped you this way...

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