[Linux] Support for Raspberry Pi and Linux running on ARM (only x86 is supported)

I've bought a Raspberry Pi, and I plan to make a portable Linux-based Spotify-computer (I'll use Debian, since Ubuntu does not support RPi).


Spotify woun't run on RPi, probably because it's made for x86-platform.


And despotify is not an option, need the complete Spotify client. 😉


For this project I have the RPi, Lenovo LT1421 USB-monitor (great monitor BTW), battery and PSU and of course FiiO E7 DAC for high sound quality. The only thing that's left is the software, and Spotify is not compatible with ARM/RPi.


A phone or tablet don't have good enough sound quality or functionality, so please, make Spotify RPi compatible! 🙂 I also want to have Spotify in my car, but I have to wait until it's supported.


It is also important to support Linux I think, which is a great OS, but is in the shadow of Windows and iOS. To all of you that haven't tried Linux, try it. It rund much faster and better than Windows and uses much less resources.

Updated on 2018-06-15


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Can you use the Onlinversion of Spotify? I think it is possible to write a little .js scrypt to set it up. And make it remote control abel.

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Has anyone gotten despotify working with the Wolfson audio addon for Raspberry Pi...? Would love to see an actual spotify client with Spotify Radio support on the RPI,....



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No; that does not support Spotify Connect.


We're waiting for this for over a year..

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I'm using spotify through volumio on a RPI2 with FiiO E07K DAC, it works fine with good sound quality, but spotify connect is not available.


So I join those who wait for spotify connect to be implemented in software players for RPI. Kudos to above idea.


In my living room i have this huge HTPC with a big atx power supply and a nice soundcard. Its only purpose now that i have a plex server is to playback HD video, HD music and spotify. There is a nice plex player for RPI2 and lets not forget kodi, but there is one thing still keeping me from getting rid of the old HTPC and that is spotify support. A propper spotify client for arm would be a killer app for the RPI2 since it easily could replace most livng room pc's. 

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I have two solutions on RPi, both are supporting Spotify. One solution is Squezzeplug (a Logitech Media Server) running on a RPi B+ acting as the server for a Squeezebox.. This is working very well, however a Squeezebox is required and those are not longer available (at least not new ones). The second solution is Volumio running on a RPi 2 with a hifiberry as DAC controlled through a webapplication (any browser on a mobile, tablet, laptop, PC, ?will do). This solution is running stable and no additional equipment is required (besides your HIFI solution). With both players you can either select your Spotify playlists (including Spotify recommendations) or your music (Album etc.) Music I have stored on a NAS (WD MyBock) is accessible as well and Internetradio is available. The only thing I still miss is Spotify Connect and the opportunity to control Volumio through the Spotify App or from a Laptop/PC. I hope the work on Volumio 2, which is to my knowledge underway, will solve that issue. I would appreciate that very much.

Would love to see this.


I would love to see this! Being able to stream spotify from a raspberry pi is one of the reasons I bought it! play.spotify.com won't work either because it uses Adobe Flash, which the Pi does not support.


It is possible to run x86 apps on ARM (including Raspberry) using x86 to ARM emulator.

Below is step-by-step instruction how to run Spotify on Raspberry Pi 2 using ExaGear Desktop emulator


Spotify works very well under ExaGear. 

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