[Linux] Support for Raspberry Pi and Linux running on ARM (only x86 is supported)

I've bought a Raspberry Pi, and I plan to make a portable Linux-based Spotify-computer (I'll use Debian, since Ubuntu does not support RPi).


Spotify woun't run on RPi, probably because it's made for x86-platform.


And despotify is not an option, need the complete Spotify client. 😉


For this project I have the RPi, Lenovo LT1421 USB-monitor (great monitor BTW), battery and PSU and of course FiiO E7 DAC for high sound quality. The only thing that's left is the software, and Spotify is not compatible with ARM/RPi.


A phone or tablet don't have good enough sound quality or functionality, so please, make Spotify RPi compatible! 🙂 I also want to have Spotify in my car, but I have to wait until it's supported.


It is also important to support Linux I think, which is a great OS, but is in the shadow of Windows and iOS. To all of you that haven't tried Linux, try it. It rund much faster and better than Windows and uses much less resources.

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That would be pretty awesome but I'm happy spotify has a x86 client for Linux! Thumbs up!

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Any news on this issue? Spotify already runs on my ARM phone, why can't I install it on my ARM laptop?


Would like to know as well, even if its a bare-bones light-weight client. Thinking of installing RPi into my car. Could use bluetooth audio from phone but if I can cache at home wifi and listen on the road, that woudl be awesome.


Actually already exists something (and it works alright):




Supporting this should be as easy as simply compiling the packages they already have against armhf and uploading the debs.  I don't understand what would take so long.

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C'mon guys, ARM  is the processor architecture that is growing the most nowadays. You have a build for chromebooks, which are based on ARM architectures. If you dont want to compile a client for arm achitectures,  at least you could activate the web player.  I don't know if there are obscure reasons under this decission such a to avoid piracy, or reduce the support. But i don't see it as much more work than maintaining the already available linux client. Thanks


Let us have spotify on ARM CMON!


I am not sure if the Spotify alternatives are able to work with an embedded Spotify play button on an HTML page, I need the full Spotify client on my ARM machine. Hope to see Spotify for ARM sometime in the future!!


At this moment there are over one million Raspberry Pi users and Ubuntu Linux is one of the most popular Linux distributions.. The Raspberry Pi 3 B is a powerful instrument to build several smart devices and solutions. I am setting up a studio for production of radio programs and want to use Raspberry Pi 3 B devices for the different tasks. I need 2 Raspberries with Ubuntu Mate running Spotify, one with the Rivendell Radio Automation software and one for telephony. In the past i have installed Spotify on Ubuntu on several HP Laptops without any problem, but on the Raspberry it seems nearly impossible. I have tried 'snap' and some other suggested procedures, but nothing works.


I know Spotify on Linux is a hobbyproject of the technicians of Spotify, but i think there is a strong need from a growing userbase for Spotify on Raspberry Pi devices.




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