Listen to Album without Interruptions - Long Ad Before Playback

I imagine most people hate hearing advertisements between individual songs when they're listening to an album in its entirety; but of course, advertising revenue is how Spotify survives. So, since an artist's work is already divided into album playlists, I am requesting a 'Listen to Album' feature, in which a longer-than-usual advertisement break (consisting of one long ad or a group of short ones) is played before playback of the album, which then continues uninterrupted until its end. To prevent cheating the system, if the user decides to listen to something else (from another playlist) mid-way through, the 'Listen to Album' feature is, of course, stopped or reset. On a related note, the user will not be able to "skip around" an album without stopping the 'Listen to Album' feature; the tracks must be played in order, which should still satisfy a number of users.

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