Live chat and thematic salons in Spotify

I used to be a Soulseek hardcore user, mostly because I could interact with people, and easily find guys with the same music tastes, from whom I could discover lot of artists, exchange music and even collaborate on compilations.

Spotify could easily get there too, by implementing the following :


1) Develop a live chat system

2) Have some thematic rooms where you find people with the same music taste (ex: 90s hip hop, Electronica, Balkan, etc.)


Probably not too hard to implement, and this would be a much richer social feature than the current facebook sidebar.


What do you think?



Status: Duplicate Idea

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There's an app for that: Soundrop

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A chat function has already been suggested here:

Add your kudos there please! ;)

As mentioned, your 2nd idea can be found in then Soundrop app.