A common problem/annoyance for me (and surely many others) is when people you don't want changes the song or rearranges the play queue. This happens all the time at house parties and similiar situations, everyone wants "their" song to be played, and "guarding" the computer isn't very easy at such occasions. For me, as a host, I would therefore love the ability to use Spotify in some kind of "Lock mode" – you choose a playlist or construct a play queue, and then while playing said music you lock Spotify down. This function would mean that the chosen music is played in the background, but in order to skip to next/previous track, change song or rearrange the play queue the users password would be required. Pausing the music and changing volume would still be possible in this mode.


If we had a Lock mode in Spotify, playing music at parties would be a lot more fluid, uninterrupted and pleasant experience!

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Seems like a lot of work for a feature that would rarely be used.  Why don't you just set a password on your screensaver, or tell people to stop changing the music?

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Can't see how implementing such a feature would require "lot of work". Telling people to stop changing the music is not really possible when hosting a house party, people won't obey it anyway. Setting a screensaver password would restrict me to use the computer for other tasks in the meantime. 

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You need to think about who you're inviting to your parties!!



You know what, I think what Torpeden is saying is a great idea for Spotify!

I've been using the service since 2007, and I love it...but not locking a playlist enoys me. Sometimes I just want to keep my playlist as it is; for myself to think twice for re-ordering songs in a playlist, or someone else to accidently delete a song in it..

Asking for this a minor thing to do, it is not difficult to create. In fact it will be a feature many would love, that they did not know they would love.

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Although this idea has been suggested first, I'd like to point you to a similar, more popular idea here:

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I would very much like a lock too - a lot of businesses like myself use Spotify and in my hair salon people are always changing the music to personal tastes ( drum and bass etc. 0 and it drives me up the wall

Everyone, say it with me! Control-alt-delete! Control-alt-delete-ah! Control-alt-delete! Control-alt-delete...
Or for savvy windows users: windows key & L...

Love it, mate. Perfectly put. I hate when this happens at house parties. Lock mode would be brilliant! :D