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On the old spotify forum there where many highly debated posts about flac and lossless audio in general.

This debate has 2 sides:

  1. Lossless streaming - this is the way into the future, but I estimate that it will take some time.
  2. Playback of your own flac that is on you computer. This is the point I'm suggesting, asking for today.

Playback of your own flac is a must for me, and everyone else that has a sound system, either speakers or headphones, that playback the sound at high end quality. Flac has become the industry standard for the High End Music market, and is miles ahead of nr 2, the apple lossless format.


I'm always looking for a the best playback program on PC's and Mac's. So far I havent found one that is worth recommending to others, so I use spotify for streaming, and foobar2000 for flac. The kicker is that Spotify has become a Very GOOD playback program, all though only for MP3 standard formats.


If Spotify where able to playback my own flac, it would become my number one and only playback program, and I'm sure that there is many others that feal the sameway.


You might say that there isn't any market in lossless, but I quaranty you that if lossless format playback, ia flac, was a part of the premium package, the number premium vs unlimited and freewold increase alot.


Spotify is already on its way to becoming the nr 1 playback program in the world for low quality formats, and it would be nice if the high end music lovers like my self could use it for our music and high end systems with lossless format.


For the "you can't hear the difference between mp3 360 and flac" debate, I've listed a few points random order.

  • yes, it's true you can't hear the difference on a cheaps #"¤ low quality system.
  • yes, on a high end system you CAN hear the difference on most songs.
  • yes, it's true that there is a few songs that either is too "noisy" or is recorded too poorly where you can't here the difference
  • the above facts is something that is commenly agreed upon in the high end world(either you belive that a digital cable gives better sound if it's goldplated or not)
  • If YOU cant hear the difference on a high end system, then staticly..there is something wrong with you hearing.

PS: A good high end system requier that the whole route in the system is high end..a good usb dac, quality cables(not insanely expensive though), a good preamp/amplifier(headphoneamp) and good speakers(headphones). the cost of a system like this Usaly start at these estimated prices.

  • USB-dac around 1200€ Hegel HD20 is best value for money these days
  • Cables around 5-700€ (complete for a stereo speaker system) should get you far
  • F.ex Micromega PA 20 around 13-1400€ pre amp - has processer through for line AND subwoofer (Excellent to connect to your surround reciver, as it gives you subwoofer for you surround system, as well as for your hifi system).
  • Skipping the amp and going for a set of active speakers would save you money
    Adam Audio Classic Mk3 Compact around 3400€
    And a tight subwoofer would give you a floorstanding sound for alot less Euros.
    Adam Audio Classic Mk3 SW 260 around 1200€

There is cheaper systems out there, but this is a midrange High End system with outstanding sound. It will playback the sound as it's made/sounds.. that is, if you don't like violins or trumpets don't like them on this system either.


Summary is short: Please make it possible to use spotify for listing to lossless music ia, flac!


Well, that is my take on this..please debate and or comment on this topic, so we can get some preasure on Spotify.





Updated: 2015-11-17

Hello folks, we've made some recent changes to this thread. As we feel this is listing two separate ideas we've split the kudos between the two ideas below. 

Please continue to leave comments/ feedback in the two more specific ideas below. We're continuing to bring this feedback to the appropriate teams to ask for updates on these ideas. 

1. Lossless Streaming 16bit 44.1khz CD quality

You are right, it would mean a considerable increase in bandwidth use throughout the service, it isn't likely in the near future. In the long run, when network bandwidths increase, this is likely to become a possibility. If you want to show support for lossless streaming click here.


This would be easier to implement, as it only requires development of the app itself, and wouldn't have any effect on the Spotify service itself.

At the moment, flac is still a relatively uncommon format. If you would like support, please show your support for this right here.

We really appreciate your contribution here, you all make the Spotify experience a great one. 🙂


I would also like local playback of flac files.  Even my receiver supports it through dlna


Please 🙂


agreed 100%. this is certainly hindering my decision of whether to cancel my trial or not when it ends in a week. love the service and the quality is sufficient on most devices but for my home audio lossless is mandatory.


Nearly 99% of the local audio on my device is FLAC. FLAC isn't just "CD Quality", its better than CD Quality.

Until then, I may just start using Foobar2000 more often.

Casual Listener

I'd love spotify to have modern music with far higher dynamic range. There is more difference between even 1 decibel of dynamic range than the whole flac vs 320 kbps thing.


My entire lossless music collection is in FLAC including many high resolution (recording master tape like) tracks (24bit, 88, 176 and 192)

I am new to Spotify and if FLAC is not supported plus it cannot play thru a DAC to a good music system then I think I have to reconsider Spotify altogether..


I can see Spotify is not intended to be a tool or suitable source for high quality sound, which may make commercial sense for Spotify but is a mismatch for my requirement.


A great shame, perhaps I have to wait another year or so until another subscription type appears to support HQ music streaming and files.








Ogg-flac lossles streaming will be a good option to audiophiles. On windows, audio playing can be improved using wasapi driver to bypass windows mixer, and send bitperfect audio stream to a external dac/amplifier with digital audio output (spdif/optical). Regards.
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Not to be happen. Lossless needs more money for servers, bandwidth etc.


and wasapi?


Lossless audio is ESSENTIAL.


This is NOT a small or nusiance issue, it goes to the heart of the entire value of recorded music. I can hear the difference between lossless CD tracks and MP3 level quality absolutely clearly, and can easily demonstrate it for even the least discerning listener. It is bizarre to me that the young people of today head off to college listening to music quality that is seriously inferior to what we took for granted -- back in 1976. That is just cuckoo, folks. 


One of the key attractions in any streaming audio service going forward will be the sound quality. I was shocked to find Spotify isn't lossless! For home and high-end car audio listening, that is a bare minimum. Why do you think Sirius and XM exist?


Since Spotify is so brilliantly well done, as a service and interface, and is fair to musicians, I was very much interested in using it. But the lack of quality will limit it severely. And no, I have never used iTunes much for the very reasons I stated: poor audio quality. 


Streaming services, I had hoped, would make this a non-issue, offering lossless streaming as a matter of course, or for an slight additonal fee. You kids need to get some vinyl copies of a favorite artis, start listening to it on a decent audio system, and then pipe in the Spotify or MP3 version. You'll get it in a second or two. 


Mark my words, Spotify had better start thinking about increasing audio quality now, or a new high end audio streaming service that does will apper and eat their lunch with a great sales point: the best sounding quality of music streaming on the web. Period. 


Boom. People can leave that fast. Lossless, Spotify, and make it a selling point. Soon.


I know you know I'm right.