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I have some kind of old-school MP3 Player (Philips Go-Gear Ariaz) and it would be nice if you could add the possibility to sync music from your hard drive to your MP3 Player. You already have the possibility for IPods and Mobile Devices, so it should be easy to widen this for other MP3 Players too.

Updated: 2015-06-02

Hey guys, we're marking this as case closed. In order to sync offline playlists on a device it needs to support the Spotify app. Please continue to leave your feedback here in the Spotify Community. 


I agree! I have the same mp3 and I really want music from spotify on my mp3 because I have like no new music or current music I guess you could say. I would really appreciate it if they could change it too.


Please Please be compatible with mp3 devices. I used to use Napster, which I loved, Now I am stuck with rhapsody. The name rhapsody is an oxymoron. It is the furtherest from music rhapsody that I can imagine. I want to use spotify, but must be able to sync with my player for my job and many other reasons. Please please please help!!! save me from the misery that is Rhapsody!!

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I would also love this. I have a Cowon D2 and it's a real shame I can't use it with Spotify. If synching/offline playlists with mp3 players were possible, I would instantly and permanently go for Premium.

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Or at the very least increase the quality of the files some more. Because listening to the standard or even high quality stuff on my phone with in-ears is horrible.

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Or build your own simple MP3-Player like a iPod Shuffle for Spotify!

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I am in the same situation. I have a trusty little sansa clip player that I love to carry around. its cheap and very reliable with great battery life. However spotify will never allow you to sync to these types of players for many reasons. When you even sync or download playlists to your smart phone or a computer the mp3s are encrypted in such a way that they will only play on a spotify player. So basically if your mp3 player cannot install a spotify app you're out of luck.


YES. i have a sansa mp3 player, and it would mean the WORLD to me if i could get all my favorite songs on it from spotify! :O


yeah i would love to sync this way better than the wifi... pls make it...


I just received a waterproof mp3 player for Christmas to use for swimming laps.  Really would like to be able to sinc Spotify music to it.

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