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[Mac] Touchbar should show Song Title

Status: Case Closed

Happy that Spotify has implemented Touchbar integration with the new line of Macbook Pros, but I'm a little shocked that nowhere on the Touchbar is the current song name shown.


Using the feature from inside other apps brings up the pause/play/next/back functions with a very large scroll bar to scrobble through the song. I feel that fitting the song name + artist would be totally doable in this space. This feature would be especially useful within Radio or playlists such as charts/Discover Weekly.


Something to consider - would be greatly appreciated!

Updated on 2020-06-25

Thanks for adding your votes to this idea.
This idea has been 'not right now' for around 2 years. We're marking this as 'closed' as we don't currently have any plans to implement this. If anything changes, rest assured we'll check back in. Thanks!

Status changed to: New Idea
Updated: 2017-02-28

Marked as new idea and edited the title slightly to make it easier to find via search. 😉


According to Apple guidelines, the Touch Bar is an enhancement of the keyboard and not an additional display - so I am afraid that we won't see this any time soon - unfortunately...


Came here to submit this idea, you beat me to it. :0 Would be a great feature!


Yes! Also, song length would be a good add, too!


yeah, had the same idea. Please do this. And i would really like to see a "add to playlist" Button in the touchbar.


That would really be great, I'm always pressing the icon to get back to spotify only to get the name of the song... Hope they can add this soon, there is enough space for it !


Totally agree!!!


i would love that 


and for the spotify icon they can change it to the album art to whichever song you're listening to and when you click on the icon it opens the spotify app like it did before but at least it would be more fun that way instead of just the spotify icon 


This would be amazing!

Especially if implemented with an accompnaying cover art