Make feedback about music quality or information errors easier to give; help us help you.

TL;DR: Either let us report problems with quality/information/other errors directly from the client (at least the desktop version), or at the very least make giving this sort of feedback obvious and easy to do, motivate us to do it.Don't make it tedious and discouraging. I realize the first part of this idea is identical to an existing idea, and I'm going to get to that, below.

First of all, it isn't impossible, but as we all know, we're lazy and if it (especially when it's about computery things) is a tedious or inefficient process, we're probably not going to bother doing it.


Just sent a report about a distorted track to spotify via Support Form, finding out how and where to do this was far too difficult.
The below is a screenshot of how I did it:


In order to find out how to do it, I searched the forum for "report" and looked through subjects.

I also found, in the ideas section, this request to allow for in-app reports:

This idea/thread is 3 years old, the status is still "give it more kudos", the only real response is entirely dismissive, and the last on-topic post is from over a year ago. The last post from two weeks ago simply being a "3 years have passed and how is this still not a thing"-post. This, and the fact that this suggestion is slightly wider than just an in-app function, I've made a new thread.

The one official-looking response to this is prefaced with "devil's advocate" and just refers to the support contact form and says that an in-app report function would cause lots of users abuse the function to spam, which pretty much equates to "Oh, we coulnd't possibly have an easy-to-find phone number, think of all the prank-calls we'd get."
This would be pretty easy to combat if you put certain restrictions on frequency of reports, only allow premium users to report, or revoked reporting privileges if abused. Not to mention the terrible view of your customers you must have if you think that their spam would outweigh value of the feedback they would give in order to improve your product.

However, even if this were true, an you are unwilling to do this, the second part of my suggestion could surely not be so easily dismissed: make it easy, even entirely obvious, from the second you visit the spotify page, how to report a problem or give track/album-specific feedback. Preferably with a huge banner or link. I really do not think one should have to dig for this. Make it easier for us to help you make your product better and its information more accurate. 

Surely this cannot be a difficult thing to implement? It doesn't even have to be an in-app form, simply add an option to right-click a track, album or artist and prompt the user's browser to directly open a support form with the URI pre-filled in. Just make it easier to do. Try it for a few months, check what kind of feedback you get, and remove it again if it is unhelpful.

I've used spotify since it was invite-only, and I've thought about reporting problems many times, but haven't because I couldn't be arsed; HOW is helping you still so tedious?

Sincerely (really sincerely), Bjarte Hoff Brygfjeld, frustrated premium user.


This is a similar principle. Spotify haven't implemented that one yet, they might come back to it in the future. As this is similar, it would be best to let them implement that before you move into further detail with this sort of thing.



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This is a similar principle. Spotify haven't implemented that one yet, they might come back to it in the future. As this is similar, it would be best to let them implement that before you move into further detail with this sort of thing.



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Oh! Thanks a ton for referring me to a thread that is half-relevant and was changed to "Not right now" over two years ago!
I suppose I must've been using a too small font size on the part where I said it should simply be easier to find the contact form and report things. My mistake.

Thanks for the helpful response.

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You know what @Brygjfield - YOU try dealing with hundreds of new suggestions, searching through a database of Several THOUSAND ideas with a primitive search trying to keep everything running smoothly and no duplicates. Reckon you would volunteer to do that? Didn't think so. So stop being sarcastic, grow up, and accept the fact someone wants the same thing as you do, only with a slightly different method of implementation - and a team of people have to do their best to stop people like you screwing up the system with duplicates.


The fact it is marked as Not Right Now makes absolutely NO difference to how I mark this idea, if Spotify want to implement this sort of thing they will go to the relevant idea with the Kudos which is NOT this one. The idea which I linked above, if it does get implemented, will effectively use the contact form embedded I imagine, because why would you bother making a separate API in order to do the same thing when you can embed a webpage in a pop up window within the client.




P.S. Most sensible people if they want to tell Spotify something, google contact Spotify, and you can get to the contact form very quickly from there, it's not that difficult.


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Hi again,

the last post was a 'heat-of-the-moment' thing which I imagine was going to be my equivalent of exclaiming 'Well, fine!' and storming out of the room and leaving it at that. I was frustrated by having spent a little time trying to explain why I felt I shouldn't simply be referred to an existing idea, only to have you do exactly that. I should simply have made it 'Make feedback options more visible' instead, so that it didn't overlap with existing ideas.
I thought I had addressed the pop-up option and didn't advocate a separate API, but I was perhaps unclear, not knowing about how these things work.

As for your postscript, as a, hopefully, sensible person, my first thought when wanting to contact a company is to go to their homepage if I already know their URL. Though searchengines (google) are prevalent as the easiest way of doing anything on the internet, I think I am not alone in being "old fashioned"(ha).

Judging by the other ideas and posts about questions regarding feedback I am also not alone in thinking it is unintuitive. Having thought on it, however, I'm starting to think that the confusion is less about visibility and more about the vagueness and ambiguity of the word 'contact' as opposed to the specificity of 'report a problem'.

Nevertheless, I will leave this thread to die now, as I should have in the first place.

I apologize for provoking you to waste your time responding again when you didn't have to.

- Brygfjeld

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