Make the library more functional

The Library is a really confusing and endless list of songs, especaly on the mobile apps. You can't just click around and just listen to music without knowing what you want to hear.


It would be awesome if there was a possibility to Split the Screen when you're in the library an show a list with Artists, Album and Genre. Like we all know it from iTunes, Winamp, WMP. So you could click on an artist an all titles, albums and genres that aren't realated to him disappear. Just like a predefined Filters for all the artists, genres and albums in your library.


So it would be much easier to search to search for music in your library without knowing exactly what you are searching for.

This is also why a search function can't replace such filters.


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There should also be a possibility to edit which details are shown in the library. Things like "year of release", "track number on the album" or just "number on the playlist" are hardly missing.

2014-04-09 Hey guys, we’re going to mark this Ideas as “Case closed”.


That’s because this week we introduced “Your Music”. Now you can save, organize and browse your favorite music. All in one place, across all platforms.


As users will now be able to view all their favorite artists, albums, and songs “Your Music” rather than a “Library” this idea is now closed. For a glimpse of “Your Music” and our new design changes click here.


These changes have rolled out to iPhone, desktop and web users this week, and will soon be available across all platforms. Thanks for your feedback everyone.

Status: Case Closed
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Where is this? I'm currently torn between Rdio and Spotify. Mr Ek might like the focus on playlists, but my focus is on building a (virtual) library in a sort of collection which I can browse through in time. 


Yes, I do the odd playlist. But the current organizing features on Spotify are rubbish. There is now way anyone could say otherwise. So please bring out the Collection tab and a feature to build up a virtual user library that I can sort how I want! Album, Artist, Genre, Year and so on. 


I would love to see an improved library! A filter section to filter by artist/album/genre etc like iTunes would be fantastic. Also, to be able to filter out all local music or all Spotify music would also be awesome. Also, a feature to add music to library without having to star it or add it to a playlist.  So if I search up the new Daft Punk album, not only is there 'Save to Playlist' button but there is an 'Add to Library' button. So it's in the library, and then I have a massive iTunes like library of music I can listen to.  And if I want to browse it, I can! Please bring this in, my playlists are getting out of control!


This Idea got it's last update nearly a year ago. At the moment spotify is a mess. No searchfunction on Artist pages and the last real usability improvement was the integration of apps...


I just have to ask: What the hell are you doing every day? You need nearly a year of time to consider something? There was a time when I thought of spotify as an inovative and dynamic young enterprise. Too bad this time is gone.

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Rock Star 10

I'm still waiting on the Discover tab to be rolled out to the desktop version...much less the Collections tab. It's concerning that all these new features were announced in December and the only one that's been implemented on the desktop app (at least for me) has been the follow feature, which is really the least important of any of them to me. I finally got tired of having hundreds of playlists just for albums and ended up starring my favorites to temporarily bookmark them, while deleting the actual playlists. Google Play Music All Access handles album sorting much better. I've come back to Spotify and have enjoyed using some of the features that I've missed, such as public playlists and sharing, but I think at the moment I'm more interested in having a cohesive library, so I may stick with Google Music until the desktop player is improved. I do want to use Spotify, but I'm just finding this lack of implementation of announced features to be very frustrating.


I'd rather see a spotify plugin for Winamp.  Why this cannot happen is odd to me.  Did the music companies tell you not to do it?  The palyback in Spotify is horrible, mobile makes it un-usable in a car.


Implement a new UI or I cancel my sub


To add to the passionate discussion, I've got well over 1,000 CD's on my shelves.  I love going through and browsing through them from time to time, see what albums I've forgotten about.


Spotify needs that ability.  Not playlists, there has to be a better way to just throw albums in and organize them.  I want to be able to browse a massive library by album cover, band name, etc.  

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yeah we need a library and better search filter


everything is so confused, we need a alphabetic order.


and I want the "NEW" button back...


"Discover" is like what I hear every day..So I know I want to hear, I do not need the "Discover".


every day I hear the same music cause everything is so confusing in the UI.


I have switched to Google Play Music All Access because this feature exists there and it is implemented superbly. My music collection is organized by artist and album as I rarely make/listen to playlists. I tried to do this in Spotify, but it was a complete mess. Otherwise, I loved the Spotify app and the sound quality. Waiting for this feature to consider jumping back to Spotify.

Community Manager
Community Manager

We're still looking into this; keep an eye out.


I switched to Play Music All Access because of this too. It's taken too long this is an essential feature to me not just a bonus.