Make the library more functional

The Library is a really confusing and endless list of songs, especaly on the mobile apps. You can't just click around and just listen to music without knowing what you want to hear.


It would be awesome if there was a possibility to Split the Screen when you're in the library an show a list with Artists, Album and Genre. Like we all know it from iTunes, Winamp, WMP. So you could click on an artist an all titles, albums and genres that aren't realated to him disappear. Just like a predefined Filters for all the artists, genres and albums in your library.


So it would be much easier to search to search for music in your library without knowing exactly what you are searching for.

This is also why a search function can't replace such filters.


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There should also be a possibility to edit which details are shown in the library. Things like "year of release", "track number on the album" or just "number on the playlist" are hardly missing.

2014-04-09 Hey guys, we’re going to mark this Ideas as “Case closed”.


That’s because this week we introduced “Your Music”. Now you can save, organize and browse your favorite music. All in one place, across all platforms.


As users will now be able to view all their favorite artists, albums, and songs “Your Music” rather than a “Library” this idea is now closed. For a glimpse of “Your Music” and our new design changes click here.


These changes have rolled out to iPhone, desktop and web users this week, and will soon be available across all platforms. Thanks for your feedback everyone.

Status: Case Closed

I seriously could not believe it did not already have this function. That seems like something they would have discovered necessary during beta testing.


Totally agree! on mobile android it just becomes impossible to manage playlists. Atleast on windows mango app you can use the playlist folders. So you can group playlist by artist, type, etc... if only the android app would offer the same i could manage my music better on the go! 


Spotify, please update android app!

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For local and starred files this browsing feature is mandatory on PCs as well as on mobiles.


Thanks in advance for implementing it!

Casual Listener

A crucial option to have more control on sorting favourite music.

Could work great in combination with the 'star-icon', when given that button more functions. 

This x 100000000000! Need to be able to filter our "Collections" by artist.

I agree with additional fields in the Library view - such as user created tags (  and also listing which existing playlists the song appears in (I apparently have dragged in multiple versions of the same song into my playlists, resulting in several songs appearing multiple times in my Library, but I can't figure out where they are to get rid of them).


Also- if you could add the Added field in the Library view as well- thanks!

It amazes me how they don't already have this stuff. I know if they don't implement it it'll only be a matter of time before I drop my premium subscribership because the inability to sort through my library makes doing anything ridiculously arduous. Windows Media Player is free, and does everything I want nice in a nice simple manner. In Spotify I can't even sort an artists albums chronologically.

This is what I'm talking about!

It's important for the desktop, but it's especially important on the mobile.

I strongly dislike having to search for an artist just to play an album (especially frustrating while using Spotify in the car). The only workaround is to create an album playlist. I then end up with nothing but album playlists. Which I also strongly dislike.

Music Fan

Yes!! A browse fucntion by Artist should be a must! Since Spotify is an endless abyss of music, it could be set up to only include artists for which you have music by. New artists must be searched for. Or maybe, you could turn on an option for the related artists to be in there as well.