Make the library more functional

The Library is a really confusing and endless list of songs, especaly on the mobile apps. You can't just click around and just listen to music without knowing what you want to hear.


It would be awesome if there was a possibility to Split the Screen when you're in the library an show a list with Artists, Album and Genre. Like we all know it from iTunes, Winamp, WMP. So you could click on an artist an all titles, albums and genres that aren't realated to him disappear. Just like a predefined Filters for all the artists, genres and albums in your library.


So it would be much easier to search to search for music in your library without knowing exactly what you are searching for.

This is also why a search function can't replace such filters.


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There should also be a possibility to edit which details are shown in the library. Things like "year of release", "track number on the album" or just "number on the playlist" are hardly missing.

2014-04-09 Hey guys, we’re going to mark this Ideas as “Case closed”.


That’s because this week we introduced “Your Music”. Now you can save, organize and browse your favorite music. All in one place, across all platforms.


As users will now be able to view all their favorite artists, albums, and songs “Your Music” rather than a “Library” this idea is now closed. For a glimpse of “Your Music” and our new design changes click here.


These changes have rolled out to iPhone, desktop and web users this week, and will soon be available across all platforms. Thanks for your feedback everyone.

Status: Case Closed
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The Zune desktop client does all of this beautifully but it's such a bloated and slow piece of software I get so frustrated. I wish I could find the perfect streaming service that compiles your local library and has all of the obvious and essential functions out of the box. Honestly if Zune wasn't bloated and slow, and had an app for iOS and Android (and wasn't being rebranded into XBox Music), I would be in total bliss. 


Something is wrong with the forum, I did not kudo this. I clicked the kudo button on the "Not to be forced into just Facebook" idea.

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It could be PERFECT ! The identification by genres is the only things wich make me reticent for Spotify


How can there be no library feature? I emailed customer service and they argued that the playlists are supposed to function as my library. Playlists does not a library make.  It's really tough to replace itunes if you don't offer a library.  I've had the premium service for a while and I really like it.  However, even Rhapsody has had a usable library on their mobile app for years. Very dissapointing that Spotify does not have one . It's huge oversight and not much to ask for from a consumer standpoint. Rdio has one and I am thinking about making the jump. 

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I very much agree. I have actually decided to switch to deezer because spotify is to playlist-centered and also for the fact that deezer has functional squeezebox app. I want to come back if spotify improves though

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What purpose would a library serve? I was a long time iTunes use and never mucked around in the library. What can you do with a library that you can't do with a playlist? Just asking...


If you're not interested in saving and organzing large collections of albums then playlists are fine. However,  many people like to collect albums and have them organized in an easy to use fashion. That is what digital files offer.

When you save an artist on spotify, you have to manually create a playlist. Then if you want your playlists organized, you have to manually alphabetize them yourself. If you have more than one album by the same artist, you have to manually create a playlist folder and place the albums into to the folder.  In 2012, this is a pretty antiquated approach. The other streaming services have libraries. You click save to library and it is automaitcally organized for you - in your personal library of artists and albums.

Playlists are for customizing song lists. Libraries are for organizing large collections of albums. 

I love the 320 bit rate streaming that Spotify offers and their servers are fast, but for people who want to collect and organzie large collections of albums, their lack of a library is a huge oversight.

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So I guess I'm going to play devils advocate. I can easily create playlists of albums using spotify. Organizing them IS a PITA. I never created playlists when using iTunes. I just searched for an artist/album in my library and clicked play. Spotify works the same way for me except my 'library' now holds ~13 million songs. You can easily drag and drop playlists into folders in spotify. It sounds like what you are asking for is better playlist management. Something that is greatly needed. Spotify...are you listening???




Here's the thing. Spotify has a library of 15 million or something. I'm happy to have those songs to choose from. However, I want to personalize my library. Often times I want to scroll through MY library to see what I'd like to listen to. I can't do that. I can't scroll through 15,000 songs. The whole interface was copied from itunes. But they left out a personalized library. It would be like if on iTunes I could only search the store. That would suck. It's too big. Playlists are customized songs lists. Music librarys are collections of albums and (sometimes single songs). It should offer opportunities to organize both. 

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I see your point. I guess we all have different ways of listening to music. My iTunes library approached 40 gigs. Way to many artists/albums/songs for me to scroll through. Just don't have the patience. Search is much faster for me.


All my cds are boxed up in the basement. Anyone want to purchase a few? I shudder thinking about how much I spent over the years...