Merge/Match an Album in "My Music" to the General Library

Does Spotify even realize that there are only 2 reasons to pay for this service?  One is to stop the Ads, but the other is for Offline use.


GOAL: I want to add "Blood Sugar Sex Magik" to my offline playlist.  I should be able to search "Red Hot Chili Peppers", find that album, and add it to my offline.  IT SHOULD BE THAT SIMPLE -- yes folks.


Instead, I will go through the steps that you Sado Masochists deem fit for production:


  1. Search for Artist
  2. Find the Album
  3. Add Album to My Music
  4. What????  Where now?
  5. Go to My Music
  6. Search for Album
  7. Ooops, change Filters to show offline music
  8. Search for Album
  9. Add to Offline Playback
  10. **bleep**, I missed the train

Seriously, browsing around your library is so frustrating.  I can't believe this hasn't been addressed yet.  

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Hello And welcome :) Well if you have premium you are also enabled to use spotify connect which is unavaible for The Free version 😉 In my opinion it would be frustrating when i automatically would get to 'your Music' After adding a Album to it because i often search more then One album. But Thats a matter of opinion 🙂
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