Mobile App - Play, Pause, and Skip Using Headphone/Headset with Controls.

I wrote an email about this a while ago and got a response back that it's something they would like to maybe do but they needed more interest in the idea before they devote time to it.


I'm not sure if this is for the other mobile apps too but I know my adroid app doesn't have this.  Basically, there are a few music apps (not sure if I can mention the name but one I used to use a lot with the initials W.A.) out there that have check box in settings that lets the app use the headset/headphones to control play, pause, skip, etc. instead of controlling the phone.


Right now, if I try to use the controls on my headphones to play, pause, or skip while in the Spotify app it will simultaneously dial the last incoming or out going number in my phone.


It's just handy, especially in the winter so I don't have to haul my phone out of my pocket or dig in my bag for it, I don't have to haul off my gloves, mittens, or go buy special ones to use the touchscreen (I would imagine it would be a pain if your exercising or something like that too)...only have to click one of the buttons on my headphones.



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That would be awesome while in the gym. Great idea!!!

For OSX desktop too!

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I'm not sure why this doesn't work. I swear it used to work on my old Android phone with Cyanogenmod. Skipping tracks worked on my Palm Pre by double-clicking the button.


Its really annoying to not be able to skip tracks when your hands are tied up. As p3ndr4g0n mentioned, this would be great for a gym, run, or workout so you could switch tracks without mucking with the touchscreen.

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I just started using Spotify on my Iphone 4s and suffering of the same issue. I have also noted that it is the same issue with Docking stations, and some car steering wheel remote control. I am guessing that it is an overall feature that would need to be included. Bluetooth connectivity seems to work fine, but USB doesn't for some reason. I hope they take interest in solving this. It's just annoying to have to change it on your phone when you have other controls that make it easier.


So far I haven't found a work around this, but if anyone has, some info would be greatly appreciated.



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I ended up buying a Headset Button Controller app because this just bugged me so much.  Smiley Sad 


Dunno if there's similar apps out there for iPhone.


I have an iphone 5 and really want to be able to stop and start a play list using my bluetooth headset controls. Other apps enable this, both Apple ones and third party apps such as Downcast.


I think this is probably the major feature that needs to be added to the app.

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You can use LG TONE + wireless bluetoothe headset paired to your android or iphone with Spotify. The controls on the headset allow you to play, pause, skip tracks and adjust volume.

We have hit 40+ kudos for this idea, let's get it reviewed by Spotify!


Please make this happen! 😄 Would love to be able to use my headphones with spotify!