[Mobile] Automatically Display Offline Music When Offline

Please display what I have available to play and reduce the menus to functions that work in offline mode. The depressing black screen looks more like a condolences card.


Update: This idea has been reposted here.


Updated on 2017-06-10


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This shouldn't need kudos or comments... this should be a MUST.  All other streaming services that provide offline playback automatically do this.  I really had the impression that Spotify was superior over the others, which is why I signed up for Premium... but after seeing all these hassles with the unintuitive Offline mode (there's not even a toggle to automatically turn off offline mode when connected to wifi!), I feel mislead and am very disappointed.  Especially given that the majority of all the offline-related feedback dates all the back to 2013 (more than 4 years ago)!