[Mobile] Autoplay when connecting Bluethooth

There should be an option to decide if we like to allow autoplay or not when connecting to bluethooth. So everyone can decide if he´d like. 

In some cases the user will not notice that spotify plays music, especially when bluethooth in the car is connected and the normal radio is set. 


Some popular apps already having this feature.

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For some reason, I cannot vote on this idea, but I too would like this feature.  Spotify is taking priority from other apps and always autostarting, even when it was not the last app playing audio when I disconnect from my car's bluetooth.


Spotify hijacks your phone and auto launches itself even after being force closed by the user. This is a ridiculous "feature" to not be able to turn off. Will be cancelling my subscription until this is fixed.


This problem is so old I actually think Spotify might think it's funny.  It's not.  I stopped paying for premium because of this.  I tried to "Lock"  the app using a 3rd party.  It STILL hijacks your phone and your car Bluetooth above and beyond any other app.  It's NOT a problem with the car Bluetooth implementation.  TuneIn radio doesn't do this.  Pandora doesn't do this.  Only Spotify.  The worst part is that even after a phone reboot you can be driving along,  end a call,  and Spotify will for the first time that day -   "Autoplay" at the boosted call volume, giving you a near heart attack WHILE DRIVING.  NO OTHER radio or music app does this.  But Spotify (on Android) support  will deflect it to Somebody Else's Problem.   2 years,  2 phones,  3 different cars,  and still it persists and gets no attention.  


The only way to keep Spotify from hijacking my Bluetooth (from a forced stop and then reboot),  is to completely Disable or uninstall the app.   Too bad.  Pandora and TuneIn always behave just fine (again 2 different phones,  3 different cars).


 I'm surprised I still care so much.  Must be the Spotify Phish library. 


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I am using tasker to streamline a series of events when connecting to bluetooth in the car. I would like Spotify to start playing at the end of this routine, which is not possible at the moment.


So please make autoplay an option, it will improve things for lots of us and won't harm anyone who likes the autoplay feature.


I would like this too. I would like to chose what I listen to in the car. Sometimes when I play another app in the car, it still shows the track spotify was playing on my screen. Very annoying.

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I posted a complaint about spotify automatically starting when I am in my car and my phone connects to the car stereo bluetooth.

I received an automated message from Spotif informing me that I "earned a badge". 


Dear Spotify, please resolve this problem I'm sure many people have around the world. It is making my life difficult and I am seriously considering cancelling my spotify account. I can not afford it.

Here in Cyprus I have a 3GB data package per month. If spotify decides to start every time I am in my car ( alot ), I will have an enormous bill at the end of the month.



I have a Samsung Galaxy 7 ( Not Edge - if it makes a difference ).Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 09.48.33.png


 It's ridiculous that this isn't a feature of Spotify on iOS.  I just signed up again to see if they fixed this.  Sitll no.  Imagine how dangerous this is to try to get going when riding a motorcycle.  With most streaming apps I can hit a button on my helmet intercom to bring up Siri and say "Launch <music streaming app>" and all the ones I use open and start playing the last station I was listening to.  And most of them are free.   Spotify?  No, I must click "Home", then click the "Station" (AGAIN!), and then "Shuffle Play".  I won't be renewing.


 This needs to happen it is too annoying 


Any updates Spotify?? We all want it 🙂