[Mobile][Browse] Revert Spotify to it's Music Library Browsing State

Ok we get it, Spotify doesn't want us to have a music library, we're supposed to be doing thumbs up or thumbs down on stations... K except one problem Spotify. THATS PANDORA. I'm cancelling my subscription soon if they don't revert Spotify back to where it's like a music store (you pay for the music, you pay for SD cards and phone service, you should be able to save your music)

Updated on 2019-08-06

Hey everyone, 

A similar idea was already suggested and addressed here: https://community.spotify.com/t5/Closed-Ideas/Your-Library-Bring-Spotify-s-old-UI-back/idi-p/4674895


Check out the status update for more info.

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The update removing my saved song library on the mobile app is absolutely terrible. The only reason I use spotify is to have a music library as an alternative to itunes. It is impossible to access recently added musice unless I search for it by name individually which is frustrating, akward, and impossible to do safely while driving. I just want to be able to shuffle all of my saved music like the good old days. 



I totally agree.  Every change in the UI has decreased the usability of the service.  


For starters, getting to this comment page is difficult enough to make me think Spotify is not interested in getting them.  Second, I never found a place to talk with Spotify, just the user community.


Now to echo the other opinions that I've been reading:

I've loved this service for about 3 years.  The last update took away the options on viewing saved artists alphabetically and then using the que to set up the next round  songs that I wanted for the gym, a run, a drive, or whatever.  I'M SHOPPING FOR A SPOTIFY REPLACEMENT NOW.  Absent a return of the alphabetical artist view, I'll be sadly going another way, and remenicing on how great the former Spotify once was, and the irony of the supplier of a service to those all about listening .... failing to listen.










Alphabetize the artist tab. Keep the recents on top but I want a full list in alphabetical order again. The songs tab should also be a thing again, also in alphabetical order as a default. This is crucial to the app being worth paying for. If this is not fixed soon I will be finding a replacement for spotify. 

I did find a way to have a text conversation with a spotify rep and voiced
these concerns. Got some sympathy and courteous canned responses, but
little to no hope of much else.

I started the process of rebuilding my library in Amazon Music Unlimited.
It feels kind of like selling my soul to the **bleep**, and putting in a lot of
work to do it. That said, The interface is a lot closer to what I find
myself missing in Spotify prior to the recent "new and improved" version.

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Updated on 2019-07-11

Hi @venom400 


Thank you for submitting this idea, we just need a bit more info to understand this idea. There is now a separate app called Stations--are you using the Stations app or the Spotify app? 



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I hate the new UI for the spotify app, haven't even heard of this "stations" app and don't care about it, if I want a radio app I'll go back to pandora. I can't even organize the music I've saved in alphabetical order, seriously? That's ridiculous, it's such a standard method of organization and it's used everywhere, because it works. At the very least, stop making this so difficult to navigate, stop forcing random artists and genres on me, and allow me to organize my artist tab alphabetically. I'll be cancelling my spotify premium immediately until I hear back that you guys fixed this app so that it makes sense again. 


@Katerina - We're all complaining about the Spotify app. He said stations to compare it to Pandora. Why would you ask about which he was talking to when it was the Spotify app that changed so drastically. Spotify tried to fix something that was already awesome by taking away options and thought we would like it? Why? 

I for one am extremely frustrated that I no longer have the ability to add individual songs to my library. The liked songs list is not the same nor is it a good replacement. It was way easier to track down individual songs when we had the songs tab under my library. Now I have to do a search and go through the process of finding the right version of a song every time. Instead of improving the music experience, this has bactracked to days of a more limited experience and it's frustrating beyond belief.


There is also a complete lack of sorting options in the app aswell. It only sorts by date added and starts from the first song ever added with no way to change it. I've had my account for 5 years and have over 1900 songs in my playlist. I have to swipe all the way to the bottom to get to new songs I want to hear.

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In android I can sort on title, artist, album and date added.